Start-ups and Spin-offs


More than 130 spin-off companies have had their start at Ramot since 1999; our team excels at convening extraordinary leaders who have the vision to bring transformative technologies to market.

Success requires evaluation, experience, and skilled management. We provide Tel Aviv Universities' inventors with all three to support the launch of a new venture. 
Here are few of our companies and spin-offs: 

AlphaTAU - Alpha DaRT for the treatment of solid cancer
###Alpha DaRT for the treatment of solid cancer###
     Tracense - Photovoltaic solar energy
###The world’s first nanotechnology
powered electronic nose###

SynVaccine - Design of live attenuated viruses
###potent vaccines and immunotherapies targeting infectious diseases and cancer.

Quiet Therapeutics - Formulations of Water Insoluble or Poorly Water Soluble Drugs in Lipidated Glycosaminoglycan Particles and Their use for Diagnostics and Therapy

CoreBone -Employ chemical modifications of the coral mineral during normal growth and its mineralization

Cardiologic - Bioimpedance measurements of lung fluids, stroke volume and cardiac output

belkin - Direct laser trabeculplasty

Unispectral - combines image capture and spectroscopy technology

        neurophage - Phage therapy for AD

        MagBiosense - Bringing lab-quality sensitivity to the point-of-care

enzysurge -  Devices for continuous controlled streaming of solutions on to confined external areas of the body

enstorage - Secondary fuel cell stacks for large renewable power plants energy storage

Brainstorm cell therapeutics - Cell therapy for CNS

BGProtect - Protecting organizations against IP hijack attacks

Volex power - a solid-state transformer (SST)

Assembrix - Developing SaaS solutions for the 3D printing industry