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Tel Aviv University Industrial Research Services Platform
is here to support your innovations with a wide range of services: 

  • Cutting-edge facilities & equipment
  • World-renowned researchers
  • Comprehensive research methodologies
  • One-stop-shop for all your service needs
  • Tailored to your exact needs


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Liat Hadad
Director of Sales &  Business Development, Industrial Research Services 
M. +972.54.5555061

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Core Facilities

Ramot has access to the cutting-edge laboratories and technologies at Tel Aviv University, Israel’s leading multidisciplinary institution. The university’s location, in Israel’s cultural and industrial capital, makes it easily accessible to visiting researchers and industry partners.

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Tel Aviv University is the home to leading researchers and scientists in a wide variety of fields. By thinking creatively and working collaboratively, Tel Aviv University researchers achieve outstanding results, making Ramot a one-stop shop for new inventions.

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Liat is our Director of Sales & Business Development for Industrial Research Services. She will assist you with finding the best fit for your requirements at TAU labs.
Liat Hadad