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Compressive Sensing in Radar Detection

Technology The signal processing in a pulse-Doppler radar is typically based on pulse compression filter and discrete Fourier transform (DFT). Detection, measurement accuracy and good resolution require the transmission of train of pulses, where eac Read More >

localization using TOA from Multipath

The Technology Our expert team has succeeded to develop a unique algorithm for location estimation that attains optimal performance in multipath conditions. The novel estimator advantage is that it attains accuracy which is significantly better than Read More >

Rhenium Nanostructures and Electrodeposition

The TechnologyWe present low-cost, efficient, long life-time nanostructured Re-alloy coatings for catalyzing low temperature dry reforming of methane (DRM).   Figure: SEM secondary electron image from Re-SN nanostructure coating on copper and Read More >

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A new equalizer for Intersymbol Interference (ISI) communication channels with single carrier transmission

The Technology A new equalizer for Intersymbol Interference (ISI) communication channels with single carrier transmission. This equalizer, termed "Integer-Forcing" equalizer, allows to simply and effectively combine decision feedback equalization (D Read More >

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Imaging system and method for imaging objects with reduced image blur

Technology Hybrid optical and signal processing design for imaging systems   The Need One of the most significant bottlenecks for a better imaging camera is the lens. A good lens is big, expansive and complex (needs mechanical actuators). Read More >

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TechnologyMy research activity in the area of design and modeling of micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) combines both theoretical and applied aspects and falls in several directions. The overall scope of the research is in the devel Read More >

Big Data Analytics

Data Mining and Machine Learning; User-Oriented Security: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach The proposed research is an interdisciplinary project, aiming to develop an adaptive cyber-security system that is personally-adjusted to characteristics of a hu Read More >

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Porous Silicon based optical detector of impurities in water

Motivation The area of chemical sensors is one of the fastest growing both in research and in commercial fields. Most of the research work in this area is concentrated towards reducing the size of sensors and the identification and quantification o Read More >

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Energetic Organic Materials for Solid Gas-generating Fire Extinguishing Systems

TechnologyFire suppression gas generators systems are designed to fill the protected compartment with inert gas, leaving behind after discharge practically no residues. These systems are widely used to protect billions of dollars-worth of assets worl Read More >

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Frequency conversion and beam shaping of high energy beams by transverse quasi phase matching

THE NEEDLaser frequency can be converted very efficiently nowadays using electrically field poled ferroelectric crystals, such as LiNbO3 or KTiOPO4. Unfortunately, these crystals are readily available only with relatively small aperture – up to 1 mm Read More >