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Gas sensor based on optical sensing of porous silicon

During the last decade there has been a growing demand of devices for monitoring the ambient regarding the existence of hazardous gases and materials. Routine methods for identifying hazardous materials and pollutants are cumbersome, expensive and ti Read More >


A method for testing a signal comprises obtaining a signal, determining whether the signal has at least one period, measuring that period and providing the measurement as output. A power spectral density estimation can be used for signals having a si Read More >

Athermalization of infra-red lenses via optical phase mask with no performance degradation at nominal conditions

TechnologyInfra-red (IR) imaging (in the LWIR and MWIR bands) is widely used for observation and surveillance applications. Most of IR optical materials are very sensitive to temperature changes. This sensitivity is reflected in a temperature depende Read More >

New snapshot spectral imaging camera for image processing and computerized vision applications

TechnologyMiniature Snapshot Spectral Imaging by using existing digital cameras without any changes; the only hardware change is the addition of a rather simple optical element in the form of a thin, phase-only optical diffuser. This may lead to a hu Read More >

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Improvements in BOTDA for fiber optic sensors

TechnologyThis method is based on the Brillouin effect in optical fibers. By using a simple single mode optical fiber, strain is measured in a distributed manner along the entire fiber length, simultaneously, in high repetition rate. By attaching/pla Read More >

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Briloullin simultaneous interrogation

Methods and systems used to perform sweep-free stimulated Brillouin scattering-based fiber optical sensing are described. In one aspect, a method includes interrogating different parts of a Brillouin gain spectrum using multiple optical tones in an Read More >

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Compressed lightfield imaging

A novel plenoptic imaging system for compressed acquisition of light field. The camera will consist of a standard high-resultion imaging sensor with a specially designed optical modulator, and will offer significantly higher combined spatial and Read More >

Cancellation of Non-linear Interference in Optical Fiber Communication

ObjectivesThe theoretical research has led to the understanding that the effects of the nonlinear interference (NLIN) between the various channels in wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) environment can be described as time-varying inter-symbol inte Read More >

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Big Data Analytics to Overcome “Swimming in Sensors and Drowning in Data” phenomenon: BIG DATA Analytics: Deriving Meaning/Insight from Data Explosion

Critical Infrastructure protection via Anomaly Detection We have developed core technology that is based upon processing high dimensional data via diffusion processes, diffusion bases, diffusion geometries and other methodologies for finding meaning Read More >

Multi Focus Imaging using Optical Phase Mask

Abstract A method for extended depth of field imaging based on image acquisition through a thin binary phase plate followed by fast automatic computational post-processing is presented. By placing a wavelength dependent optical mask inside the pupil Read More >