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Prof. Scheuer Jacob

Research InterestsNano-PhotonicsPlasmonicsMeta-SurfacesRenewable EnergySlow & Fast LightSensingSecure communicationsPolymer OpticsNonlinear Optics Read More >

Dr. Spitzer Hedva

Research Interests:Visual mechanisms-computational and psychophysical aspects: adaptation, contrast enhancement, lateral facilitation, illusory contours and shapes, border ownership, chromatic aberrations, shape from motion;Applications: compression Read More >

Prof. Boag Amir

Research Interests: * Computational electromagnetics and acoustics* Fast multilevel algorithms* Antenna and nano-antenna design* Imaging techniques including Synthetic Aperture Radar* Electrostatic-Kelvin Force Microscopy* Beam representations of el Read More >

Prof. Ruschin Shlomo

Research Interests: Waveguided Optics. Processing and characterization of optical waveguides of various types: Waveguides based on LiNbO3 technology, polymers and ion-exchanged glass. Research on novel integrated optical devices of passive and activ Read More >

Dr. Amrani Ofer

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Prof. Marom Emanuel

Research Interests: Holography and Optical Processing. Theoretical and experimental studies of holography (optical, acoustical and microwave domains), Interferometry, Non-destructive testing of materials, Holographic Interferometry, Heterodyne Holog Read More >

Prof. Gerber Alexander

1.  Nanoscale magnetic systems. a) Spin-dependent electronic transport in ultra-thin magnetic films and granular ferromagnet – normal metal and ferromagnet – insulator mixtures. b) Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and tunneling magnetoresistance Read More >

Prof. Sochen Nir Asher

Research interests: I'm interested in the applications of Differential Geometry ideas and techniques in Image Processing and Analysis and in Computational Vision.My former research studies were devoted to Conformal Field Theories and Integrable Mode Read More >

Mr. Ferdman Yossef

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Prof. Liberzon Alexander

Research interestsThe research interests are related to structure of turbulent flows in a variety of applications:Boundary layers, turbulence with polymers and surfactants, particle-laden flows, scalar (heat, temperature, concentration) dispersion in Read More >