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Molecular Electronics and Transistors based on Peptide Nanostructures

The TechnologyProprietary peptide nanostructures1 can be readily fabricated on various surfaces including electrodes2,4. A physical vapor deposition method (PVD) allows the precise control on the molecular dimensions of the structures using... Read More >

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Porous Silicon based optical detector of impurities in water

Motivation The area of chemical sensors is one of the fastest growing both in research and in commercial fields. Most of the research work in this area is concentrated towards reducing the size of sensors and the identification and... Read More >

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Diffractive Optics based on metamaterials

A new technology for producing flat optical components based on optical metasurfaces. These components can potentially serve high resolution imaging, spectrometry, light processing and beam shaping devices. The optical metasurfaces that we... Read More >

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Frequency conversion and beam shaping of high energy beams by transverse quasi phase matching

THE NEEDLaser frequency can be converted very efficiently nowadays using electrically field poled ferroelectric crystals, such as LiNbO3 or KTiOPO4. Unfortunately, these crystals are readily available only with relatively small aperture – up to 1... Read More >

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Gas sensor based on optical sensing of porous silicon

During the last decade there has been a growing demand of devices for monitoring the ambient regarding the existence of hazardous gases and materials. Routine methods for identifying hazardous materials and pollutants are cumbersome, expensive and... Read More >

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High Temperature superconducting wires on Sapphire

Next generation of superconducting wires - double-sided coated superconductor tapes on sapphire that will be much simpler to fabricate, will have a lower cost, and much lower AC losses compared with current technologies. We are targeting the... Read More >

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A method for testing a signal comprises obtaining a signal, determining whether the signal has at least one period, measuring that period and providing the measurement as output. A power spectral density estimation can be used for signals having a... Read More >

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Athermalization of infra-red lenses via optical phase mask with no performance degradation at nominal conditions

TechnologyInfra-red (IR) imaging (in the LWIR and MWIR bands) is widely used for observation and surveillance applications. Most of IR optical materials are very sensitive to temperature changes. This sensitivity is reflected in a temperature... Read More >

New snapshot spectral imaging camera for image processing and computerized vision applications

TechnologyMiniature Snapshot Spectral Imaging by using existing digital cameras without any changes; the only hardware change is the addition of a rather simple optical element in the form of a thin, phase-only optical diffuser. This may lead to a... Read More >

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Super-imaging system based on light field camera - Compressed Imaging - MultiView

TechnologyDuring the second half of the 19th century the idea of light field photography was raised by numerous of researchers. The concept is to record more information regarding the scene. Unlike a conventional imaging action that translates the... Read More >