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A simplified optical receiver using the Hilbert transform

Coherent optical transceivers are widely deployed in metropolitan, long-haul and ultra long-haul fiber optic networks. Their performance in terms of sensitivity and data-rate is unparalleled, but their cost is high, in large part because they rely... Read More >

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A software-based anti-spoofing defense system for the CAN bus

If an attacker compromises one of the car's electronic control units (ECUs), and from there tries to attack another, more critical, ECU, the designed system blocks this lateral movement. Hence, this defense system can be added as a software-only... Read More >

A method to relate rain intensity and dynamic range in commercial microwave links

A new method which establishes the relationship between the averaged rain intensity and the signal level measurements, as logged by standard network management systems. Focusing on the output logs of Network management systems, the... Read More >

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Passive communications with time-varying metamaterials

The coming years will see a revolution by connecting everything to anyone, and RFID and similar technologies, will lead this 300B$ USD industry and 50B connected devices. Examining existing RFID standards suggests that the leading standard, called... Read More >

Development of magneto-electronic devices for printed electronics

Printable electronics and 3D printing are rapidly expanding technologies with a huge potential market share. Incorporation of magnetic sensors compatible with printing technologies would be a valuable expansion of the printed... Read More >

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Dynamic structured light projector based on resonance domain diffractive optical elements

The field is the 3D scanning for sensing, imaging, 3D printing and computer-integrated manufacturing. We develop a critical device for dynamic creation of the structured light (SL) patterns that was a bottleneck in triangulation-based 3D sensing... Read More >

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Narrow nanometer-thin optical filters based on double Fano resonance in metallic films

Realize a spatially varying, nanometer-thick optical filter, with high spectral resolution (a few nanometer) at an arbitrary spectral band. Such filters could be integrated with light array detectors (CCD) to realize truly,... Read More >

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Coupler for fiber optic quasi distributed sensing

TAU researchers have developed a first of its kind sensing platform termed Optical - Universal Sensor Bus (O-USB). It facilitates simple, flexible and cost-effective deployment of sensor arrays over very long distances (tens of kilometers per... Read More >

Plug-and-play realization of the virtual infinite capacitor

In high power applications, especially where AC/DC or DC/AC conversion are involved, the high voltage DC bus suffers from voltage ripples. Low frequency current smoothing is required to minimize ripple voltage on the DC bus, which may affect other... Read More >

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Partially coherent radar for car applications

Many different approaches for mapping nearby moving objects are under fast development nowadays due to a number of highly important emerging applications, including autonomous cars and many others. The majority of existent proposals for solving the... Read More >