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Biomass production by desert halophytes - a potential source of secondary metabolites for fuel substitutes

Desert plants, i.e., plants that are adapted to grow under extreme desert conditions were studied with the aim of identifying new sources for energy crops. Such crops should not compete with conventional agriculture for valuable resources of... Read More >

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A portable spectrometer’s accessory to measure reflectance of undisturbed soil in the field under all conditions

THE NEED and TECHNOLOGYField spectroscopy has become a growing field in recent years. What was historically the domain of aerial and spatial photography calibration, and geological enthusiasts, has been gaining much interest. Its applications span... Read More >

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Block polyester copolymers by ring opening polymerization employing new catalysts

The Invention a novel Mg-based catalyst and method for PLA polymerization. The method is an easy “one-pot” process, is very fast, and allows for the manufacturing of complex PLA polymers with 5 and 6 blocks vs. the commonly available 2 and... Read More >