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Super-imaging system based on light field camera - Compressed Imaging - MultiView

TechnologyDuring the second half of the 19th century the idea of light field photography was raised by numerous of researchers. The concept is to record more information regarding the scene. Unlike a conventional imaging action that translates the... Read More >

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Compressed lightfield imaging

A novel plenoptic imaging system for compressed acquisition of light field. The camera will consist of a standard high-resultion imaging sensor with a specially designed optical modulator, and will offer significantly higher combined spatial... Read More >

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Secure Fiber optic communications

A communication system, the communication system includes: a first decision entity; and a long laser that includes a first reflector and a second reflector; wherein a lasing characteristic of the long laser is responsive to: (i) first data unit that... Read More >

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Big Data Analytics to Overcome “Swimming in Sensors and Drowning in Data” phenomenon: BIG DATA Analytics: Deriving Meaning/Insight from Data Explosion

Critical Infrastructure protection via Anomaly Detection We have developed core technology that is based upon processing high dimensional data via diffusion processes, diffusion bases, diffusion geometries and other methodologies for finding... Read More >

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Two-Switch Switched-Capacitor Converters

Additional information can be provided upon request.   Read More >

Multi Focus Imaging using Optical Phase Mask

Abstract A method for extended depth of field imaging based on image acquisition through a thin binary phase plate followed by fast automatic computational post-processing is presented. By placing a wavelength dependent optical mask inside the... Read More >

A low-complexity low-latency interactive communication system with spectral efficiency approaching the Shannon limit

BackgroundDigital communication systems use forward error correction (FEC) in order to be spectrally efficient and approach the Shannon limit. The drawbacks of using FEC are high latency and high computational complexity. On the other extreme,... Read More >

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Direction finding of Wi-Fi transmitters

TechnologyWe developed an apparatus for Direction Finding of Wi-Fi transmitters, i.e., estimating the Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) of a received Wi-Fi signal, while using standard off-the-shelf hardware and requiring no infrastructure deployment, no... Read More >

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Subharmonic Wireless Locking of THz transmitter

TechnologyA novel method for wireless sub-harmonic locking a radiating free-running VCO single source or phased-array at THz frequenciesNeed and AdvantagesAlthough many significant challenges remain, results suggest that CMOS THz ICs are... Read More >

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Free online web wizard application to assess the amount of nonlinear interference noise generated in fiber-optic communications systems

Nonlinear interference noise (NLIN) is arguably the most important factor limiting the capacity of fiber-optic communication systems. It is customary to classify nonlinear phenomena as either intra-channel, or inter-channel. Intra-channel effects... Read More >