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EG30 for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

EG-30: clinical phase drug for AMD and Glaucoma EG-30 – the highlights: · Excellent safety profile in healthy volunteers and glaucoma... Read More >

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Hemostatic Soft Tissue Adhesives

Novel bio-adhesives based on the natural polymers, gelatin (protein) and alginate (polysaccharide), and a carbodiimide crosslinking agent. The carbodiimide crosslinking agent is much less toxic than other crosslinking agents used in bioadhesives... Read More >

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Using Bacteriophages to Reverse Antibiotic Resistance of Pathogens

TechnologyA Novel complex of engineered phages that deliver uniquely programmed CRISPR-Cas constructs into bacteria to reverse their antibiotic resistance. The Need & SolutionThe increasing threat of pathogen resistance to antibiotics... Read More >

Novel Class of Turn-ON Near-Infrared Probes for Diagnosis and Imaging of Inflammation and Cancer

TechnologyA novel class of Turn-ON probes with Near-Infrared (NIR) fluorescence mode of action was developed. The NIR probes are designed for activation by specific overexpressed enzymes. This novel and simple strategy introduces a Turn-ON... Read More >

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BiPS for the treatment of Diabetes

Additional information can be provided upon request. Read More >

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Structure–function analysis of eukaryotic ubiquitylation cascade a unique research tool

The Technology A modular system, facilitating the straightforward production of ubiquitylated proteins • System I – Produces large quantities of highly pure ubiquitylated-proteins for downstream... Read More >

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An Add-On Optical Interferometer Chamber to Phase Microscopes for Sub-Nanometer 3D and Dynamic Information

TechnologyAn add-on optical module for microscopes allowing for single frame and dynamic capture of amplitude and phase profiles of transparent or semi-transparent biological and non-biological samples. This easyto-use interferometric device is... Read More >

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Biomarkers for risk assessment in colorectal cancer patients

Mortalin (also known as GRP75 and mitochondrial stress protein 70) is a ubiquitously expressed mitochondrial chaperone related to the cytosolic heat shock protein 70 (HSP70). It protects cells from senescence and apoptosis and is overexpressed in... Read More >

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Whole Brain Visualization of Distinct Cortical Layers by MRI

The TechnologyAn MRI platform including an imaging protocol and analysis software enabling in-vivo visualization, characterization and measurement of the distinct layers of the human cortex including width in 3D. The imaging protocol utilizes... Read More >

Molecular Electronics and Transistors based on Peptide Nanostructures

The TechnologyProprietary peptide nanostructures1 can be readily fabricated on various surfaces including electrodes2,4. A physical vapor deposition method (PVD) allows the precise control on the molecular dimensions of the structures using... Read More >