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Diagnostic and Monitoring EIT System for Osteoporosis

TechnologyElectrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is a well-known imaging method that provides information about the spatial electrical conductivity distribution within the human body. The technique is based on applying small magnitude alternative... Read More >

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An Add-On Optical Interferometer Chamber to Phase Microscopes for Sub-Nanometer 3D and Dynamic Information

TechnologyAn add-on optical module for microscopes allowing for single frame and dynamic capture of amplitude and phase profiles of transparent or semi-transparent biological and non-biological samples. This easyto-use interferometric device is... Read More >

Interferometer Based biosensor

Technology An active integrated-optics device for biosensing applications based on an interferometric laser has been developed. This device is an interferometric laser biosensor which combines the benefits of spectral interrogation of... Read More >

Biochip using electrochemical detection of cancer biomarkers

Methods of Detecting Cancer Cells and use of same for Diagnosing and Monitoring Treatment of the Disease.   Additional information can be provided upon request.     Read More >

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Computational Biology - Analysis of genetic data

The Technology The research in Eran Halperin’s lab mainly focuses on the development of computational tools for the analysis of genetic data; we are mostly interested in the development of tools that enable and facilitate genetic studies of... Read More >

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Bypassing Obstacles in MRI Guided Ultrasound

The TechnologyAn optic holographic technique, used to reduce acoustic energy density on obstacles inside a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) path. The holograms are generated using a newly developed algorithm, based on the... Read More >

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MRI Radiofrequency (RF) Coil with Efficient Excitation and Reception Neuronal Water Molecules

The TechnologyA simple-designed RF resonator which can be used to provide a substantially homogeneous RF magnetic field in an MRI apparatus. The homogeneity of the RF field is achieved by a judicious selection of both the electrical setup... Read More >

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Whole Brain Visualization of Distinct Cortical Layers by MRI

The TechnologyAn MRI platform including an imaging protocol and analysis software enabling in-vivo visualization, characterization and measurement of the distinct layers of the human cortex including width in 3D. The imaging protocol utilizes... Read More >

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Optical Method for the Diagnosis of Amyloid Diseases, A Biomarker Technology

The TechnologyA spectroscopic, optical method for early detection of amyloid fibril formation in cerebrospinal fluid, as a non-destructive diagnostic tool for early detection of amyloid diseases.The core recognition motif of Aβ peptide is the... Read More >

3D Flexible Electrode for Electrochemical Cell Diagnostics

TechnologyA compact 3D electrochemical sensor constructed on a pliant substrate for in-vitro and in-vivo measurements of cells and tissues. The device includes a specially designed sensing layer containing reference and measurement electrodes that... Read More >