Medical Devices
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Prof. Nevo Zvi, Emeritus

Prof. Zvi Nevo serves as a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.  Prof. Nevo runs an active laboratory, directing 3 PhD students and 3 students Read More >

Prof. Gazit Ehud

The central dogma in the study of protein folding suggests that the thermodynamically-favorable state of proteins under physiological conditions is their folded one. However, there are number of cases in which the favorable states of proteins are rat Read More >

Prof. Scheuer Jacob

Research InterestsNano-PhotonicsPlasmonicsMeta-SurfacesRenewable EnergySlow & Fast LightSensingSecure communicationsPolymer OpticsNonlinear Optics Read More >

Prof. Wolf Lior

Read More >

Dr. Spitzer Hedva

Research Interests:Visual mechanisms-computational and psychophysical aspects: adaptation, contrast enhancement, lateral facilitation, illusory contours and shapes, border ownership, chromatic aberrations, shape from motion;Applications: compression Read More >

Prof. Shacham- Diamand Yosi

Research InterestNano-chemical processes for Microelectronics and integration of biological material on chip for acute toxicity detectionNano-chemistry for electronics applications- Physical and electrical characterization of electronic devices for C Read More >

Prof. Hanein Yael

Research InterestBrain machine interface, engineered neural networks, nanotube - neuron interfacesOur research activity concerns with the development of electronic nano devices which are designed to interface with brain cells and to record their acti Read More >

Prof. Benhar Itai

Prof. Benhar is an expert and opinion leader in the field of antibody engineering. Over the 20 years of being active in that field, he prepared several phage display libraries from which antibodies against numerous targets were isolated. Prof. B Read More >

Prof. Ruschin Shlomo

Research Interests: Waveguided Optics. Processing and characterization of optical waveguides of various types: Waveguides based on LiNbO3 technology, polymers and ion-exchanged glass. Research on novel integrated optical devices of passive and activ Read More >

Prof. Einav Shmuel

Research Interests:Flow in biological systems; cardiac blood flow;Blood flow in obstructed arteries and in bypasses; blood flow through artificial heart valves;Cardiac-assist devices; magnetic resonance imaging of blood flow Read More >