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Tel Aviv University Announces Collaboration with Biosynth on Pioneering Chemiluminescent Molecules

"Chemiluminescence, the process that lights up glow sticks, occurs when a chemical reaction produces light. Researchers from Tel Aviv University developed new reagents to visually detect molecular processes inside cells or biological samples."

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Baxter, Ramot at Tel Aviv University and Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Partner to Bring New Surgical Innovations Worldwide

  • Agreements will explore potential applications of promising early-stage research in areas of unmet need
  • Goal will be to bring new innovations to help surgeons advance patient care
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Wipro and Ramot at Tel Aviv University Partner for Joint Research in Emerging Technologies

Wipro and Ramot, the Business Engagement Center at Tel Aviv University announced a partnership for joint research in emerging technologies. The partnership envisages the creation of joint research capability at TAU, supported by Wipro to pursue core as well as applied research in fast-developing technologies in the Artificial Intelligence space

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A new way to combat drug-resistant bacteria

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