2018 Satisfaction survey results

Bridging between industry and TAU researchers is one of the primary areas in which Ramot strives to succeed.

Last February we engaged with a third-party industry expert (https://www.metrics-institute.net/) to conduct an anonymous satisfaction survey with two critical populations: our researchers and our industry partners. This is the third time we have been conducting similar surveys in the past 6 years. The purpose of the surveys is to evaluate our current level of performance and identify priority areas for further improvements. 
We are proud to share with you some key highlights of the two external surveys.

While we have identified further areas of continues improvements, clearly both our TAU researchers and our industry partners expressed their satisfaction from Ramot’s overall performance. We would like to deeply thank both our researchers and our industry partners for making us better by participating in these important surveys. Continually listening to our different stakeholders is critical for our success.