Department: School of Chemistry
Faculty: Exact Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Gileadi Eliezer

Early subjects of interest

  • Adsorption pseudo-capacitance and adsorption isotherms

  • The combined adsorption Isotherm

  • Electrosorption of neutral molecules

  • Testing for suitable small organic molecules to act as anodes in fuel cells

  • Hydrogen permeation in metals and hydrogen embrittlement

  • Testing of different metallic and non-metallic surfaces to prevent clotting of blood in prosthetic implants

  • Plating of Al from non-aqueous electrolytes at room temperature

  • The mechanism of high electrolytic conductivity in non-aqueous and mixed solvents

  • The dependence of the transfer coefficient  on temperature

  • The use of carbon-fiber–epoxy electrodes

  • Electro-organic chemistry-mechanism and synthesis

  • The use of the quartz-crystal microbalance (QCMB) in the study of adsorption in electrochemistry

  • Study of the properties of liquid-like layers, using the QCMB

  • Anomalous co-deposition of W with the iron-group metals

  • Underpotential deposition of metals

  • Ensembles of Micro-electrodes

Current studies

  • Simultaneous 2-electron transfer

  • The unique features of charge transfer in metal deposition and dissolution

  • Anomalous co-deposition of Re with the iron-group metals

  • The structure of water in narrow crevices-the existence of “Monowater”

  • Studying the conductivity of mixtures of water with polar solvents, to evaluate the cluster structure of water

  • Questioning the validity of the Tafel slope as a tool to study the mechanism of electrode kinetics