Department: Clinical Biochemistry
Faculty: Medicine-Sackler Faculty
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Nevo Zvi, Emeritus

Prof. Zvi Nevo serves as a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. 

Prof. Nevo runs an active laboratory, directing 3 PhD students and 3 students for Master Degree, supported by grants from the Israeli Academy of Science and GIF German Israeli Binational Foundation. Head of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry 2001-2003. 
Prof. Nevo's field of expertise is in general developmental, maturation and aging of connective tissues in health and disease, with special emphasis on cartilage and cartilage repair with composite implants. 

Prof. Nevo deals with a wide range of research projects such as: 
a. Skin wound healing, employing innovative tissue engineered dressing and laser tissue bonding, replacing suturing. 
b. Developing of natural occurring or natural derived polymeric biomaterials in the formats of gels, fabrics, scaffolds, films, nanofibrils and sponges, made of either electrospun albumin, hyaluronic acid, chitosans or their hybrid combinations, for regenerative medicine and resurfacing structures, wound healing, fostering in vitro developmental stages of early life e.g. sperm, ova, limb bud etc. 
c. Bridging massive losses of peripheral nerves. 
d. Molecular approach for treating osteochondromas – exostosis (Hereditary Multiple Exostoses, HME), replacing the current operational procedures. 
e. The epiphyses of the long bones as an organ in health and disease. 
f. New medications for treating and reverting osteoarthritis status, as well as preventing skin shrinkage and aging.