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RF lab

Lab Description
The antenna laboratory provides capabilities of far field and near field antenna pattern and scattering tests. Automatic and manual measurements in the frequency range of 0.1GHz – 20GHz and up could be routinely performed. Near-field scanners with calibrated field probes enable extracting all field components including the phase. Available equipment includes an Agilent Performance Network Analyzer (PNA), which could be operated as a stand-alone unit or as a part of the antenna range system. Signal generators, high-power sources, lock-in amplifier, and other characterization equipment could be integrated into a setup. Fabrication facilities include chemical etching and engraving machine, enabling routine manufacturing of printed circuits components.

Available Research Services –
• Characterization and fabrication of antennae and other RF devices (0.1-20GGz)
• RF experiments up to 20GHz
• Antennae Characterizations
• Devices Characterization
• Complex Multiphysics experiments
•  Nonlinear RF devices
• Imaging and Field Scanning
• Metamaterials and Complex Systems
• Radar Applications
• Meta- materials
Lab Equipment
• 8m×5m anechoic chamber
• 30 m2 fabrication facilities

Potential industries
1. Security
2. Communication industry
3. Cellular

Contact Information
Dr. Pavel Ginzburg,
Wolfson Labs 238,
Electrical Engineering Department
Tel Aviv University, Israel