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Guided Regeneration Gel: A novel biocompatible hydrogel for peripheral nerve reconstruction and wound healing

The Technology

Guided regeneration gel (GRG) is a novel biocompatible, biodegradable hydrogel for peripheral nerve reconstruction, cell therapy and wound healing. Similar to the extracellular matrix (ECM), GRG is transparent, highly viscous, malleable, and adaptable to various shapes and formats. GRG is made up of three components: hyaluronic acid, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and laminin-derived specific peptides; GRG can be formulated for a short-lasting effect (mixed-intercalated) or for long-lasting effects (cross-linked), serving together as guiding tracks for cell migration and regeneration.

The Need and Potential Application

GRG can be used for ex vivo or in vivo tissue formation and for treatment of damaged or lost tissue.
Stage of Development

Research to-date has shown that GRG:


  • Simulates cell growth, neuronal sprouting and ECM formation, supporting cells in vitro and in vivo upon implantation.
  • Supports 3D growth and differentiation of various cell types (embryonic, adult stem cells and preneuronal cells).
  • Induces growth of peripheral neurons that bridge massive peripheral nerve loss in rats (preliminary data). Extended in vivo studies are on-going.

The implications for therapeutic applications include peripheral nerves reconstruction, cell therapy, corneal preservation, wound healing, and as a post-irradiation tissue cavity filler. 


PCT/IL2008/001120 (US: allowed; EP, CN, CA, IN, ISR: examination)