Imaging system and method for imaging objects with reduced image blur


Hybrid optical and signal processing design for imaging systems


The Need

One of the most significant bottlenecks for a better imaging camera is the lens. A good lens is big, expansive and complex (needs mechanical actuators). This invention deals with lowering the complexity of the lens system design, on the expense of additional image processing which is cheaper and more flexible. This may open the pave to an ideal imaging system that is smaller, simpler and lower cost.

Potential Application

Low cost, high performance imaging system. At this stage, technology is limited to low pixel count but with minor investment adaptations to high pixel count is possible.

The final apparatus may be relevant to mobile camera modules such as handsets, notebooks, ipads. It is also relevant to security, automotive and medical applications.


Stage of Development

Algorithms were fully demonstrated. Still need a partner to build a working camera module.


Text I.Klapp, D. Mendlovic, Patent Application, ”Imaging system and method for imaging objects with reduced image blur”, (WO/2010/103527)

Supporting Publications

Iftach Klapp  “Optic design for improving matrix condition of Hybrid space variant Optical and image processing systems”. PhD thesis TAU 2012.