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Mortalin based Minibody for treating CLL

Mortalin (also known as GRP75 and mitochondrial Hsp70) is a ubiquitously expressed mitochondrial chaperone related to the cytosolic heat shock protein 70 (HSP70). It protects cells from senescence and apoptosis and is overexpressed in cancer cells. We discovered that cell resistance to complement-dependent cytotoxicity depends on mortalin and that mortalin is released from cells during complement attack (Pilzer and Fishelson, Int. Immunol. 2005; Pilzer et al. Int. J. Cancer 2010). We have investigated whether or not colorectal cancer patients have circulating mortalin in their blood. To this end, we developed a sensitive ELISA for mortalin.
We have tested (in Tel Aviv) the levels of mortalin in serum samples (collected in Budapest) from 2 large cohorts of CRC patients.  The levels of soluble Hsp70 were also determined in these patients’ sera by using a commercial Hsp70 ELISA. The significance of mortalin and Hsp70 in blood to survival prospects of the colorectal cancer patients was evaluated in two independent studies. The findings of the 2 studies, separately and collectively, showed that high levels of mortalin and Hsp70 were found in the blood of early and late stage CRC patients with the shorter survival time.