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Procollagen C-Proteinase Enhancer 1 (PCPE-1) as a Biomarker for Fibrosis relating to the diagnosis of fibrotic diseases based on total PCPE in serum

Collaboration with Dr Shlomit Mesilaty, Dr Yair Anikster, Prof Ido Wolf Metabolic Enzymatic Laboratory, Sheba Medical Center.


Bone metastasis is a major clinical concern that can cause severe pain, bone fractures, spinal cord compression, and rapid degradation in the quality of life of cancer patients. Metabolites and enzymes specific to osteoblast activity are used as bone formation markers. However, they have several disadvantages. Collagen type I is highly expressed during bone formation and comprises 90% of the bone extracellular matrix. Collagen type I is first synthesized and secreted in the form of soluble precursors (procollagen), which are proteolytically processed by proteinases leading to the production of mature collagen monomers. The enzyme Procollagen C protein enhancer (PCPE) regulates the enzymatic cleavage of type I procollagen and is up-regulated during bone formation.


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