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The place to identify, nurture and transform
Tel Aviv University’s inventions into products


Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. A great idea today could change the world of tomorrow. Imagine, an endless reservoir of great ideas. Each one, a breakthrough in its field. Each one, capable of influencing and changing the lives of millions of people.

At Ramot, we strive to bring promising scientific discoveries to market by providing a legal and commercial framework for researchers at Tel Aviv University to monetize their discoveries. We do this by creating successful business connections between scientists, researchers, and technological companies.



Our reputation, as an international magnet for innovations with great potential to be realized and a trusted proponent of both universities and businesses, plays a vital role in our ability to engage with industry to license TAU technologies. We offer a unique combination of advanced R&D capabilities, and incorporate many of the industry’s best and most experienced professionals.

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“Innovation is about challenging what exists today, thinking differently, and acting differently. That is what we do here.”

Ramot is the Business Engagement Center at Tel Aviv University, one of Israel’s foremost research and teaching universities. Founded in 1956, Tel Aviv University is located in Israel’s cultural, financial and industrial center. Rooted in both academic and corporate arenas, Ramot is uniquely positioned to cultivate the special relationships between these two compelling worlds, creating win-win connections that support fertile, groundbreaking research while providing companies with discoveries that give them a crucial competitive edge.


To foster, initiate, lead and manage the transfer of new technologies, from the laboratory to the marketplace.

We strive to strengthen the bond between industry and the Tel Aviv University research community in the following ways:

  • Secure strong patent protection for TAU inventions
  • Maximize the commercial potential of technologies developed at TAU
  • Increase the transfer rate of emerging technologies from lab to industry
  • Generate new revenue streams for TAU inventors by licensing TAU technologies
  • Initiate and support the establishment of companies based on promising TAU technologies
  • Support technological entrepreneurship at TAU


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