Tue, 20th February 2024 IDT

Ramot Technology Transfer

Want to know what tech-transfer is? Find out more about Ramot at Tel Aviv University and how we do tech-transfer in this podcast by our CEO Keren Primor Cohen.

Thu, 3rd November 2022 IDT

Prof. Dan Peer- How to Translate Medicine?

Prof. Dan Peer is an extraordinarily prolific scientist: he has more than 130 patents under his name and over 150 publications he has authored. In this episode of TAU. Host Ido Aharoni Aronoff, is engaged in an inspirational discussion with Dan Peer about essential issues such as nano-technology, COVId-19, and translational medicine.

Sun, 8th January 2023 IDT

Prof. Ronit Satchi Fainaro - The Future of cancer Treatment

Prof. Ronit Satch-Fainaro, a former concert-level ballet dancer and the head of the Cancer Research and Nanomedicine Laboratory, shares her ground-breaking work 3D printing tissues, customizing cancer treatment and applying nano-medicine.

Sun, 5th February 2023 IDT

What is Material Science Prof. Noam Eliaz

In this episode of TAU Unbound our host, Ambassador Ido Aharoni Aronoff, is hosting Tel Aviv University’s Dean of Engineering Prof. Noam Eliaz to discuss the fascination subject of material science.
Why the strength of materials is so important of the future of humanity?
Why an interdisciplinary approach is needed to better utilize scientific breakthroughs in engineering?
Here we learn that materials engineering is not only about designing and improving materials but also about finding uses for materials in other fields and industries.

Sun, 1st January 2023 IDT

Prof. Tova Milo - What is the Future of Computing

In this episode of TAU Unbound we had a chance to discuss the future of computing and exact sciences from Natanya-born Prof. Tova Milo Dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences.
How powerful computers will help advance solutions to health-related, environmental and societal problems ?
Prof. Milo shares about her own career as well as her faculty’s work.

Sun, 20th August 2023 IDT

Prof. Itzhak Ben-Israel- Space, Cyber Security, AI

In this conversation with host Ido Aharoni Aronoff, Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel is covering a wide range of issues: space and satellites, cyber security and global preparedness and of course the impact of artificial intelligence.

Sun, 13th August 2023 IDT

Prof. Neta Erez: How to turn cancer into a chronic disease

Prof. Erez discusses with host Ido Aharoni Aronoff the early stages of her career, her involvement in the mentoring of young scientists and her ground breaking scientific work.

Sun, 23rd July 2023 IDT

Prof. Erez Shmueli: what is big data?

Prof. Shmueli discusses with host Ido Aharoni Aronoff the various uses of big data analysis and its potential to improve our lives.

Sun, 28th May 2023 IDT

Prof. Meir Ariel why the shift from massive satellites to nano-satellites will shape our future?

Prof. Ariel is discussing with host Ido Aharoni Aronoff, why the shift to small satellites represents the future of the communications industry. Prof. Ariel aptly describes how low Earth orbit satellite networks are transforming the way satellite communications (SATCOM) are used.

Sun, 14th May 2023 IDT

Unveiling the Secret Life of Plants - With the Help of Bats

Discussion with two scientists Prof. Lilach Hadany, and Prof. Yossi Yovel, whose work on bioacoustics, proving that plants can hear and produce sound, won international acclaim.

Wed, 20th March 2024 IDT

Prof. Hadas Mamane- Engineering Access to Clean Water

This episode of The Global Connection features the head of the WE Lab, Prof. Hadas Mamane, in conversation with PhD candidate Dana Pousty. The two chat about life in the lab and the projects being developed, their clean-water venture SoLED and why it’s so important to make their sustainable technologies available to those in need.

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