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More than 130 spin-off companies have had their start at Ramot since 1999; our team excels at convening extraordinary leaders who have the vision to bring transformative technologies to market.

Success requires evaluation, experience, and skilled management. We provide Tel Aviv Universities’ inventors with all three to support the launch of a new venture.

Alpha DaRT for the treatment of solid cancer
Curing apoe4 associated neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease by targeting the abca1 transporter
The world’s first nanotechnologypowered electronic nose
StoreDot Ltd. are developing ground-breaking materials based on a unique methodology that integrates nanotechnology with novel organic compounds.
Unispectral is a pioneer in hyperspectral imaging. The Unispectral platform allows untrained users to capture megapixel images that also include spectral data of every object in the picture.
Sophisticated (but Simple) AI for Next-Level Store Operations.
Certora provides security analysis tools for Smart Contracts. Their technology called is capable of checking at compile-time that all executions of a Smart Contract fulfill a set of security rules.
Proclara is a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering a breakthrough approach to treating neurodegenerative and peripheral protein misfolding diseases.
Nobio’s mission is to make our world safer and healthier by making products and places free of bacteria and viruses, indefinitely.
Imagindairy, a Foodtech company, is addressing the industry bottleneck by integrating deep tech with system biology to develop a commercial and viable animal free protein-based dairy product. Based on the technology of Prof. Tamir Tuller
Forsea aims to nourish the world with delicious, high-quality seafood, while securing the ocean’s health & wealth. Based on the technology of Prof. Iftach Nachman
Jellyfish biomass processing technology for the food, nutraceutical and nutricosmetics industry. The innovative patent protected technology was developed by Prof. Shachar Richter
Gilboa is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel, next-generation cancer immunotherapies designed to harness the power of a patient’s own immune system to treat cancer
GrayMatters Health is developing a non-invasive digital therapeutics for mental disorders through volitional regulation of brain processes
Heliogen is a renewable energy technology company unlocking the power of sunlight to replace fossil fuels.
By taking a simple blood test from the mother-to-be, we can read the fetal DNA. Based on the technology of Prof. Noam Shomron
NanoLock’s zero-trust, device-level protection safeguards the operational integrity of your valuable assets to secure revenue streams and support business continuity
NeoVac is creating a revolutionary, unique and proprietary next generation lipid nanoparticles to enable better RNA vaccines for various diseases. Based on the technology of Prof. Dan Peer
NurExone Biologic Ltd is developing a revolutionary biological exosome based technology drug platform to treat damage in the Central Nerve System
Run:AI helps companies execute on their AI initiatives quickly, while keeping budgets under control, by virtualizing expensive hardware resources in order to pool, share and allocate resources efficiently.
3D 100% Silicon based anodes for li-ion battery, will increase battery capacity by up to 40% with the same form factor. Our anodes current collector is integrated as part of the anode
potent vaccines and immunotherapies targeting infectious diseases and cancer.
JaxBio technologies, is an Israeli based diagnostic company. The liquid- biopsy advanced technology can detect cancer at very early stage. Based on the technology of Prof. Yuval Ebenstein
ART BioScience are committed to the development of a new class of therapeutics based on messenger RNA (mRNA) for the treatment of Orphan diseases, primarily Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
CoreBone is a natural alternative to current synthetic, bovine and human derived bone grafts.
ColorChip brings high speed data transmission to the world’s top mega-datacenters and enterprises.
BELKIN Laser is developing an automated one-second laser device, aimed at revolutionizing accessibility to glaucoma care worldwide.
Cytora transforms underwriting for commercial insurance.
Targeting, controlling and treating a wide range of bacterial infections, Trobix Bio leverages its ActiSense™ and GOTraP™ platform technologies to springboard products across multiple business sectors.
QART (Quantitative Assisted Reproductive Technologies) Medical, a clinical-stage MedTech company, addressing the global infertility epidemic.
Redefining urban traffic management with the most advanced and intuitive turnkey AI-based solution.
eggXYt is developing technology to detect the gender of a chicken embryo as soon as it is laid, inside the egg and before it is incubated.
Nuvo Group is committed to reinventing pregnancy care for the 21st century through new technology, tools, and practices for providers and expectant mothers, including the INVU™ by Nuvo platform, an FDA-cleared, prescription initiated remote pregnancy monitoring and management system
Quantum Insights partners with Life Sciences companies to bring precision to healthcare. We interpret data that is too complex or high-dimensional for most techniques.
Curiosity Robotics has developed a robot that teaches English as a second language to children up to the age of 3
Matis Medical, Inc. developed the Cone and Plate(let) Analyzer (CPA), a novel point-of-care system for real-time, whole-blood platelet function testing.
Neurosteer has developed a solution for the early detection and more effective treatment of a variety of neurological disorders.
The 3DOptix online Optical design & a ray optics simulation software enables the creation of better optical designs with higher efficiency.
PerSimiO introduces, Simfini, a superior CT-based prediction model to simulate the response of human bones to load.
NEMIS’ pioneer solution is offering a unique value proposition that delivers on the needs of the industry to improve environmental safety programs and on-site applications.
Starget Pharma is developing a new wave of targeted radiopharmaceuticals technologies to treat solid tumors.
The Savicell™ Well-Shield™ platform is a blood test inherently designed for the early detection of disease.
MultiVu is developing a single sensor 3D imaging solution, which can take 3D color images and function as a traditional camera with enhanced features.
ThetaRay provides faster, more accurate analytics solutions for identifying emerging risk, discovering new opportunities, and exposing blind spots within large, complex data sets.
variantyx provides highly specialized genetic testing to clinicians and their patients.
Treating individuals with rare diseases to uncover solutions for millions
The Leader In Minimally Invasive Denervation Procedures​ Ultra-Sound ablation energy for: Renal Denervation for Hypertension (RDN), Pulmonary Artery Hypertension (PAH), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
The next generation of perception software for automated driving.
Bsense Bio Therapeutics is developing small molecules for the treatment of neuropathic pain. Bsense is pioneering a novel approach targeting multiple pain-related mechanisms using a single compound, to achieve greater efficacy and safety.
MagBiosense, Inc. is focused on the development of breakthrough diagnostic device and assays, offering laboratory-quality sensitivity and the rapid results and ease of use of a point-of-care system.
Devices for continuous controlled streaming of solutions on to confined external areas of the body
C2A Security is a trusted end-to-end automotive cybersecurity solutions provider.
Cell therapy for CNS
Protecting Organizations from IP Hijack Attacks.
By introducing a disruptive software solution embedded in power electronic inverters, Synvertec is empowering the transition of grids worldwide for replacing traditional thermal energy generation with inverter-based renewable energy sources
Assembrix developed a cloud-based platform that virtualizes 3D industrial printing enabling simpler, secured and more efficient production process.
Epeius pharma is a cell and gene therapy company developing next generation biological vehicles for delivery of therapeutic proteins into the central nervous system (CNS).
Galimedix is a Phase 2 clinical stage pharmaceutical and ophthalmic company developing transformative treatments based on a novel mechanism of action directed to the common cause for several neurodegenerative diseases: toxic oligomers of amyloid beta (Aβ).
Sleeprate provides SaaS sleep solutions
Lifegraph harnesses the power of machine learning and smartphone technology to predict imminent chronic attacks.
An emerging global ophthalmic company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of products and product candidates which address ophthalmic conditions, including glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, or DES, and age-related macular degeneration, or AMD.
Matricelf developed a technology that enables the production of autologous engineered tissue composed of matrix and cells derived from patients Omentum biopsy.
QuLab Medical is a digital health startup developing a small, minimally-invasive patch that enables access to continuous metabolic data, empowering better and more informed health decisions.
SynCath Neuroscience is a pre-clinical stage MedTech startup, encapsulating assets of a groundbreaking research program, initiated and led by Prof. Ofer Barnea and Dr. Omer Doron.
Tsofun has created a new class of Error-Correction-Codes IP Cores based on its highly innovative algorithms which boost the performance of communication and storage systems.
Timing provides a comprehensive solution to planning, managing, and optimizing your field service operations.
SPRING Vision operates in the field of retinal multispectral imaging. Our mission is to improve patients' well-being and clinicians' technical capabilities, by developing affordable, easy to use devices, and by collaborating with world leading enterprises.
Workforce mobilisation solutions to support your housing officers, engineers or field-based operatives. Based on the technology of Prof. Uri Nevo
Bountica develops a food-safe & nature-based proteins that prevent the decay and spoilage of perishable foods and beverages. Based on the technology of Dr. Maayan Gal
OncoDecipher exposes hidden cancer biomarkers, providing access to personalized & precise treatment, otherwise unattainable. Based on the technology of Prof. Tamir Tuller
Innovative motion-based recognition technology, providing identity-related insights and solutions for companies of all sizes. Based on the technology of Prof. David Mendlovic
STFix is developing a minimally invasive rotator cuff implant for improved repair, quicker rehabilitation, and reduced retear rate. Based on the technology of Prof. Mickey Scheinowitz
Early Staged Parkinson's Research Diagnostics and Small Molecules. Based on the technology of Prof. Illana Gozes
B cells have a significant role in the positive immune response affecting the outcome of cancer. Tabby Therapeutics is developing first-in-class novel engineered B cells (EBC) for tumor immunotherapy. Based on the technology of Prof. Adi Barzel
Accurate, on-demand and scalable holistic soil property analysis and carbon validation intelligence platform. Bringing a cost-effective, SaaS model to the agriculture industry and beyond. Based on the technology of Prof. Eyal Ben-Dor
Developing Innovative Therapeutics Using a Propriety High-throughput Screening System for Novel Molecular Glues. Based on the technology of Prof. Gali Prag
Unique patented formula to help Prevent A Virus, Flu, And Cold Before It Even Starts. Based on the technology of Prof. Ehud Gazit, Prof. Eran Bachrach and Prof. Daniel Segal

SeaErra offers innovative underwater vision enhancement solutions based on state-of-the-art algorithms and technologies. Based on the technology of Prof. Shai Avidan
At NetaGenomiX we connect disruptive gene-editing technology with regenerative agriculture, to develop climate-smart, non-GMO, sustainable and nutritious crops that are rewarding to both the farmer and the consumer. Based on the technology of Prof. Itay Mayrose and Prof. Eilon Shani
A novel solution for recycling cultivated media, using capsulated RNA constructs that are specifically coded to bind target molecules such as lactate. Based on the technology of Prof. Ehud Gazit
Our innovative triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) technology offers hope and healing to millions who have lost touch sensation, making a meaningful difference one sensation at a time. Based on the technology of Prof. Ben Maoz and Prof. Gil Markovich
Harnessing novel molecular insights & deep computational biology for unprecedented decision-support in fertility care. Based on the technology of Prof. Noam Shomron
Animal-Free, true Collagen at a visionary scale. Collagen made by humans for humans. Our breakthrough technology is poised to revolutionize the production and utilization of animal-free collagen and gelatin. Based on the technology of Prof. Lihi Abramovich and Dr. Maayan Gal
The first real-time, affordable bio-contamination monitoring system based on proprietary, data-driven, AI technology. Based on the technology of Prof. Hadas Mamman
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