Imad Telhami

Imad Telhami


Imad Telhami is a Businessman and entrepreneur who has substantial management experience and a long and successful history in global management.
For 25 Years he served in various management positions of Delta Galil and as a CEO.
In 2008, Telhami founded Babcom Centers in north. In 2020 the company employed approximately 3000 employees, of which 70% are from the Arab sector and 80% women. Babcom has sites all across the country.
Babcom focuses on two main objectives: investing in people and providing excellent, high quality services including call centers, software and other services.
In line with Telhami’s vision, the company has Arab and Jewish stakeholders and was co-founded with the industrialist, Dov Lautman.
Telhami is committed to empowering and advancing the Arab community in Israel.
Telhami has served in positions on several councils and boards of directors and has participated in a number of projects with partners who share his commitment, including:
The Lautman Fund, Appleseeds Academy, member of the Board and Executive Committee of the University of Haifa.
He is a member of the Board of Kav Mashve ,Alfanar, the Israel democracy institute.
Telhami founded in 2014 Takwin Labs, an investment fund for Arab entrepreneurs together with Chemi Peres and Erel Margalit. The fund made 8 investments and following its success it is now raising a follow up fund, Takwin Ventures 2.
In 2010 The Marker magazine chose Mr. Telhami as one of the 101 influencers for the benefit of Israeli society and economy.
In 2018 he received a PhD degree in honor of his work for integrating social work in his business on behalf of the Ben Gurion university.
In 2018 Harvard business school build a CASE STUDY about Babcom and the leadership of Telhami about the unique model of multicultural company and doing business with compaction. The case study became part of the curriculum in HBS.
In 2019 he received the Hugo Ramniceanu Economic award from the Tel Aviv University.
The Hugo Ramniceanu economy award was given in recognition of achievements in economics technology research and development in Israel.

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