Sharon Kaplinsky

Sharon Kaplinsky


Mrs. Kaplinsky is a leading specialist in international business development within the healthcare and technology industries.

Moved by the innovative and resilient ability of Israeli start-ups to contribute to the world's most pressing challenges, Sharon was inspired to help accelerate the growth of Israeli technologies and connect them with the right global partners and investors- Star Tree Ventures was born.

Prior to founding Star Tree Ventures, Mrs. Kaplinsky managed the business development and strategic planning in Orphan Technologies Ltd, a company focused on research and development of innovative therapies for rare, life-threatening diseases with unmet medical needs. In this position, she conducted the due diligence on hundreds of early-stage healthcare products and led in-licensing transactions.

Prior to that, Mrs. Kaplinsky was an Associate Consultant at Defined Health, a leading Business Development consulting company in New Jersey, and was a Research Analyst at Science and Technology Ventures, the Technology Transfer Office of Columbia University.

Mrs. Kaplinsky holds a MA in Biotechnology from Columbia University and a B.Sc. Summa Cum Laude in Biology from Tel-Aviv University.