Metasurfaces Applications

Wed, 27th March 2024, 3:00 pm IDT

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Metamaterials and metasurfaces are artificially engineered structures with exceptional material properties (acoustic, electrical, magnetic, optical, etc.).
They comprise arrays of resonators that manipulate electromagnetic waves or sound in ways which cannot normally found in nature.
These engineered structures and surfaces provide excellent flexibility in a range of applications, enabling the manipulation of fields and waves at a subwavelength scale.
Metamaterials applications become an enablers of a multi-billion dollar market within the next decade with product advances in radar and lidar for autonomous vehicles, telecommunications antenna, 6G networks, coatings, vibration damping, wireless charging, noise prevention and more.

In this event, we will explore this fascinating field, presented by 3 leading researchers from Tel-Aviv University.

Opening remarks Ramot’s CEO, Keren Primor Cohen. 
Moderated by Yair Eran, VP, BD Engineering and Hi-Tech.
Three projects will be presented by:
› Prof. Haim Suchowski
› Prof. Tal Ellenbogen
› Prof. Jacob Scheuer:

Each technology will be presented for about 10-15 min,
The event will last for approximately one hour.
A zoom link to the virtual roundtable will be sent to your email upon registration.
We are looking forward to seeing you!
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