MIXiii Health-Tech.IL International Life Science & HealthTech conference

Tue, 5th March 2024, 9:00 am IDT

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Join us on March 5th for our unique sessions- ITTN – Israel Technology Transfer Network covering essential legal and commercialization insights, along with success stories of startups emerging from the university.

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Full agenda:

ITTN Session – Part 1
Engaging talks by leading academic researchers and industry leaders.

This session shall give the stage to scientists and physicians, whose research led to the establishment of biomedical companies and the industry representatives sharing their path.

14:00-14:12 Opening Remarks: Dr. Tamar Raz, CEO, Hadasit Health Innovations and Co-Chair of ITTN & Keren Primor Cohen, CEO, Ramot at Tel Aviv University and Co-Chair of ITTN
14:12-14:32 Keynote: Making Real World Impact with Advanced Technology and Innovative Connectivity

Jonny Caplan, CEO & Co-Founder Tech Talk Media | Impossible Media

14:32-14:44 Dio Tree’s Story: How An Antidepressant Technology Got Commercialized as an Ovarian Cancer First-In-Class Drug

Prof. Bernard Lerer, Founder, Hadassah Medical Center; Prof. Osnat Ashur-Fabian, Founder & CSO, Meir Hospital, Dr. Sarit Batsir, CEO, Dio Tree

14:44-14:56 IdentifAI Genetics: Early and Risk-Free Prenatal Screening for All Syndromes

Prof Noam Shomron, Tel Aviv University; Dr Amir Beker, CEO and Co-Founder, IdentifAI Genetics

14:56-15:18 UNI Therapeutics: an AI Technology Utilizing the Power of Evolution to Finding New Drugs

Prof. Yuval Tabach, Hebrew University; Oren Gez, Co-Founder and Entrepreneur, UNI Therapeutics

15:18-15:30 Medical Sonosphere: Introducing Novel Ultrasound Technology for Merging Physiological Data and Mapping the Surface of the Patient’s Body

Dr. Chen Speter, Sheba Medical Center, Director; Ilan landesman, CEO, Medical Sonosphere

15:30-15:42 NanoGhost: A Delivery Platform Harnessing the Power Of Stem Cells To Target Cancer And Neuro Inflammatory Diseases

Prof Marcelle Machluf, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology; Yonatan Malca, CEO, NanoGhost

15:45-17:15 ITTN Session – Part 2
  Professional Workshop 1: Patent Management and Intellectual Property by Experts

Led by Dr. Gal Ehrlich, Patent Attorney, Founder and General Manager, Ehrlich & Fenster of The Ehrlich Group (EG)

› Understanding the legal and managerial processes of patent protection and intellectual property rights.
› Sharing industry and academia case studies and experiences.

  Professional Workshop 2: Understanding Technology Contracts and Licensing

Led by: Adv Yael Baratz, Partner, Chail of IL Corporate & Licensing Practice Group, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

Dissecting a TS: In-depth conversation on the business aspects of technology contracts and licensing

In this workshop we will discuss various components of the business aspects of technology contracts and licensing agreements and will share best practices and insights.

The main topics to be discussed are:

  1. Dissecting the definition of a Licensed Product
    1. Derivatives – Why is it important to define in advance
    2. How to avoid, or protect from future infringement
    3. The meaning of “product” by “product” definition
  1. Royalty term
    1. Duration in general (expiration of patents, country by country, annual licensing fees).
    2. In the context of “product” by “product”
  1. Definition of Field
    1. Is slicing and dicing a good thing
    2. Ramifications of multiple licensees (such as IP litigation, blocking patents)
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