Ramot Virtual Round Table - Neurodegenerative Disorders Diagnosis and treatments

Wed, 25th November 2020

More details about the event

Wednesday, November 25, 3 PM IDT - Register for free

The agenda will be as following:  
Opening remarks by Ramot’s CEO, Keren Primor Cohen
Moderated by Dr. Tali Aloya, VP Business Development, Life Sciences.
Three innovative projects will be presented:
Prof. Daniel Michaelson: 
Novel Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease by counteracting the pathological effects of apoE4.
Prof. Daniel Offen:
A novel caspase-6 inhibitor for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. 
Prof. Eran Perlson:
MIR126-5P for ALS Treatment. 
Dr. Felix Benninger and Dr. Oded Shor:
EEG Data Analysis Algorithm for the Diagnosis of Neurological and Mental Disorders. 

Each technology will be presented for about 15-20 min,
The event will last for approximately one hour.

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