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Solution Monolayer Epitaxy for Semiconductor Surface Passivation

Passivating the surface of various semiconductors, such as the III-V family of materials, has been a long-standing unsolved problem, which limits the performance of many devices. We have recently developed the technique of Solution Monolayer... Read More >

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Heterogeneous structures comprising III-V semiconductors and metal oxide dielectrics,and a method of fabrication thereof.

Electron mobility in bulk III-V semiconductors is about an order of magnitude higher than in silicon, which promises much faster nanometer-scale electronics in GaAs-based devices. However, fabrication of metal oxide - semiconductor field effect... Read More >

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An agricultural mobile robot guided by sonar and vision for crops and yield estimation

TechnologyUsing bio-inspired sensing methods (from bats) for crop estimation, plant examination and plant classification. The system is based on a mobile robotic platform with vision and sonar sensing that is doing the agricultural tests.The Need... Read More >

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A Novel Antibacterial Bio-Treatment for USE In Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the globe’s fastest growing food production sector. Diseases are a primary constraint to the culture of many aquatic species and as a result, there is widespread use of anti-microbial veterinary medicines across the globe. The... Read More >

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Surface Plasmon Amplification of stimulated emission

We make a step towards quantum nanoplasmonics: surface plasmon fields of a nanosystem are quantized and their stimulated emission is considered. We introduce a quantum generator for surface plasmon quanta and consider the phenomenon of surface... Read More >

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MRI Radiofrequency (RF) Coil with Efficient Excitation and Reception Neuronal Water Molecules

The TechnologyA simple-designed RF resonator which can be used to provide a substantially homogeneous RF magnetic field in an MRI apparatus. The homogeneity of the RF field is achieved by a judicious selection of both the electrical setup... Read More >

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Multi-Modal Deep Neural Networks for Multi-Sequence MRI Guided Procedures

Image guided surgery is becoming the standard for high accuracy, low risk procedures. In this context, MRI is often the imaging modality of choice since it provides unrivalled contrast between soft tissues and consequently best detectability of the... Read More >

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Block polyester copolymers by ring opening polymerization employing new catalysts

Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) is a plastic material derived from annually-renewable resources, which decomposes post-consumption to non-toxic materials. PLA is produced by the catalyzed ring opening polymerization (ROP) of lactide. PLA is attracting... Read More >

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Six pack off axis holography

A method for multiplexing six off-axis holograms into a single multiplexed hologram, where the multiplexing can be done optically or digitally.BACKGROUNDWe present a novel technology, which is able to yield the thickness profile of metrological... Read More >

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High resolution compact FTIR

Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectrometer (FT-IR) is a tool widely used to carry out spectrometry. In a standard FT-IR spectrometer, infrared light is guided into an interferometer, in which the optical path difference (OPD) between the... Read More >

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