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Solution Monolayer Epitaxy for Semiconductor Surface Passivation

Passivating the surface of various semiconductors, such as the III-V family of materials, has been a long-standing unsolved problem, which limits the performance of many devices. We have recently developed the technique of Solution Monolayer... Read More >

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Heterogeneous structures comprising III-V semiconductors and metal oxide dielectrics,and a method of fabrication thereof.

Electron mobility in bulk III-V semiconductors is about an order of magnitude higher than in silicon, which promises much faster nanometer-scale electronics in GaAs-based devices. However, fabrication of metal oxide - semiconductor field effect... Read More >

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An agricultural mobile robot guided by sonar and vision for crops and yield estimation

Using bio-inspired sensing methods (from bats) for crop estimation, plant examination and plant classification. The system is based on a mobile robotic platform with vision and sonar sensing that is doing the agricultural tests.The NeedAn... Read More >

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A Novel Antibacterial Bio-Treatment for USE In Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the globe’s fastest growing food production sector. Diseases are a primary constraint to the culture of many aquatic species and as a result, there is widespread use of anti-microbial veterinary medicines across the globe. The... Read More >

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Nano-Reinforcement of Adhesives, Plastics, Paints and Coatings

Technology Reinforcement of common and proprietary polymers (plastics) and composite materials for coatings and casts with nano-additives in small percentages leads to improvement of anti crack, anti-scratch, anti-rust and anti-moisture... Read More >


3D Flexible Electrode for Electrochemical Cell Diagnostics

TechnologyA compact 3D electrochemical sensor constructed on a pliant substrate for in-vitro and in-vivo measurements of cells and tissues. The device includes a specially designed sensing layer containing reference and measurement electrodes that... Read More >

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Deep Learning-based design of nano-photonics structures

TAU Researchers have developed a unique deep-learning algorithm that can predict the spectral response of nanostructures with high accuracy as well as provide a single nanostructure’s design, geometry and dimension, for a targeted or measured... Read More >

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Device and methods for voltage regulation in pulsed electric field generators using asymmetric voltage dubler

The Need Global population growth together with enhanced quality of life, in the era of climate change, is expected to cause doubling of the world’s food and energy demand by 2050. Furthermore, there is a strong interest in the replacement... Read More >

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Self Assembled Peptide Hydrogel

The Technology A breakthrough Self Assembled Peptide Hydrogel (SAPH) has been developed. SAPH is a safe, self-assembled, biocompatible, remarkably strong hydrogel with modulated stability that is suitable for various medicinal and cosmetic... Read More >

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PNA - Self Assembled peptide nanostructures for OLED / Security applications

TechnologyWe developed nanostructures based on Peptide-Nucleic Acid (PNA) derivatives which show highly promising performance characteristics. The unique electroluminescence/photoluminescence materials can be used as emissive materials in... Read More >

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