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High Resolution Robotic Fingers

Traditional robotic hands have a complex structure with many degrees-of-freedom, while they can be large, fragile and with high cost. In addition, they usually cannot perform gentle and precise in-hand manipulation that is required in, for example, medical procedures and assembly of small components. We propose a sophisticated mechanism that enables to augment the capabilities […] Read More >

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Leveraging Gene Panel Sequencing Data for Mutational Signature Analysis with Applications to Personalized Treatment

UNMET NEED Mutational signatures and their exposures are key to understanding the processes that shape cancer genomes with applications to diagnosis and treatment. Yet current signature analysis approaches are limited to relatively rich mutation data that comes from whole-genome or whole-exome sequencing. Recently, orders of magnitude sparser data sets from gene panel sequencing have become […] Read More >


Enhanced production of collagen in mammalian cells

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It has variety of applications in the fields of food, cosmetics, and pharma. However, the challenges associated to the production of recombinant collagen dictate the use of collagen from animal tissues. Our invention boosts the production of collagen in mammalian cells, making the use of a […] Read More >

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TAU’s innovative Water Vehicle Surfboard (WVS) is a new type of surfboard with a V-shaped hydrofoil wing equipped with means of propulsion. In one embodiment electric motor(s) attached to the hydrofoil generates the thrust required to lift the board out of the water and hover above the water surface as a low flying vehicle. The […] Read More >

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The Kol group at the School of Chemistry of Tel Aviv University has been developing catalysts and technologies for the ring opening polymerization of lactones, and in-particular lactide to produce PLLA-based polymers, block-copolymers and tailor-made copolymers. Recently, a new family of catalysts was developed by the Kol group. These catalysts combine several attractive properties: 1. […] Read More >

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Therapeutic Targeting of PD-1/PD-L1 blockade by Novel Small-molecule Inhibitors

Interactions between programmed cell death ligand 1 (PD-L1) and programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) lead to the evasion of cancer cells from an efficient immune response. The inhibition of PD-L1/PD-1 has prevented or reversed exhausted T cells, thus enhancing antitumor T-cell responses. In fact, immune checkpoint blockade targeting the PD-1 axis has become one […] Read More >

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Increased Enzyme Shelf-Life by Encapsulation in Peptide-Based Materials

Peptide-based nanomaterials that protect enzymes over time leading to increased shelf-life. UNMET NEED Enzymes are naturally susceptible to environmental changes resulting in their denaturation and loss of activity, thus rendering them less practical for everyday applications. The main objective is the improvement and increase in enzyme shelf-life thereby allowing their practical use in various daily […] Read More >


Dynamic Budget Allocation for Web Media Advertising Campaigns

Companies are required to define an advertising strategy determining how to allocate advertising funds over time, to maximize exposure to as many potential consumers as possible to the brand. Several models of advertising budget allocation have been developed over the years, however, these mjavascript:void(null);odels fall short in their capacity to inform budget allocation problems that […] Read More >

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Stable enzyme-responsive nanocarriers with a-two step activation mechanism

The Challenge: Polymeric nanocarriers that can release their covalently attached or encapsulated cargo in response to specific stimuli can offer many advantages such as greater selectivity and consequently reduced side-effects. Among the different types of stimuli-responsive nanocarriers, enzyme-responsive delivery systems can act as a Trojan horse and release their active payload in response to specific […] Read More >

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A-Traumatic Teeth Extraction and Immediate Implant Placement

The global dental services market is expected to reach 554.5 billion USD by 2028, with dental implants dominating the market as R&D in this field continues to excel with better biomaterials, improved designs, and surface modifications. Tooth extraction is a crucial step in dental implants procedure. The standard extraction method is based on mechanical rocking […] Read More >

Dr. Alon Meital

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Prof. Aloni Roni

My research goal is to understand the hormonal mechanisms that induce and regulate plant vascular differentiation, focusing on improving fiber production and wood quality formation in forest trees. The research addresses fundamental issues of plant hormone biology: hormone production, transport pathways and hormonal mechanisms that control the differentiation of various cell types in the xylem […] Read More >

Prof. Alpert Pinhas

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Prof. Amir Roey Jacob

Design and synthesis of advanced polymeric hybrids and their assembly into functional nanostructures for applications ranging from nanomedicine to materials science Research Design, synthesis and characterization of smart polymers Design, synthesis and characterization of dendrimers and polymeric hybrids Stimuli responsive self-assembly and disassembly Utilization of smart polymers as selective drug delivery systems Read More >

Dr. Amir Noam

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Prof. Amirav Aviv

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Dr. Amitzur Giora

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Prof. Amrani Ofer

Microwave and digital communications, specializing in the various aspects of equalization, coding, modulation, and combinations thereof Email: ofera@tauex.tau.ac.il Phone: 03-6407766 Fax: 03-6407095 Office: Computer and Software Engineering, 307   Read More >

Dr. Anava Sarit

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Mr. Andrusier Anton

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Leading Researchers:

Nahum Kiryati Lab

Prof. Kiryati obtained academic degrees in the Humanities and in Law. His legal interests are in the interplay between law and technology, with emphasis of the secondary use of personal data for Research and Development (R&D). Research: Medical Imaging Computer Vision Image Processing Law & Technology Image processing and analysis: medical image analysis Law and […] Read More >

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CM&EB Labs

Current Research Projects: Constitutive laws for active response of arteries – experimental methods – (Aviad) Failure laws of long human bones – simulation by FEA based on experimental observations – Funded project (Maxime) Tumor ablation in bones – (Shani) Multiple Myeloma and bones – Funded Project (Leetal) Mechanical response of the functional spine unit – […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

MadiLab- Systems Immunology

The MadiLab is interested in understanding the molecular signaling within the tumor microenvironment following immune cell interactions or immunotherapies.We utilize single cell proteomic and transcriptomic technologies together with in vitro and in vivo experimental models and advanced computational methods.This approach aims to lead to the identification of novel immune-related pathways and therapeutic targets. The primary […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

The Oded Rechavi Lab Laboratory for Radical Science

In our lab we challenge basic dogmas regarding inheritance and evolution, using simple powerful genetic model organisms. In particular, using nematodes, we have shown that exposure to different challenges triggers the synthesis of heritable small RNAs which regulate genes in the progeny, resulting in phenotypic changes several generations down the road. In addition to studying […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

The Ben-Tal Lab of Computational Structural Biology

Our research is focused on studying the interplay between protein sequence, structure, motion and function using computational tools. The understanding of these relations provides a molecular dimension to our understanding of protein functions and their involvement in genetic disorders and other diseases. Within the broad fields of structural- bioinformatics and phylogeny, we limit our research […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

The Wine Lab- Systems Immunotechnology Laboratory

Anti-Drug AntibodiesOver 30 years since the approval of the first therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) for clinical use, the mAb industry has expanded exponentially and comprises the fastest growing class of pharmaceutics.  While mAbs hold significant promise for improving human health, repeated administration of mAb often leads to the induction of undesirable Anti-Drug Antibodies (ADAs), which […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Tavor Lab- We focus on exploring the connection between brain structure, function and human behavior, using MRI.

We focus on exploring the connection between brain structure, function and human behavior, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).We investigate what underlies behavioral and functional differences between individuals, such as changes in functional and structural connectivity and differences in the brain’s microstructure.In addition, we study learning-related brain plasticity by developing behavioral tasks that induce functional and […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Carmi Lab- Cancer Immunobiology and Immunotherapy

The goal of our lab is to provide a detailed understanding of the mechanisms, which regulate and control the discrimination between self and non-self, and thereby give rise to cytotoxic T cell immunity specifically directed against tumor targets. The ultimate goals of our research are embodied in the following specific aims:What are the cellular and […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Biology Lab

Research topics:    Mesemchymal cells (MSCs) lineage fate [osteogenic/adipogenic/myogenic] in aging/metabolic disease (osteoporosis/diabeties) and cancer  MSCs molecular markers (CHD9-chromatin remodeling, SVEP1-cell adhesion)  MSCs biomechanics/substrate rigidity (2D/3D) in differentiation fate  Connective tissue protein component and structure  Novel bio-composites scaffolds for tissue regeneration For more information: Email: dafnab@tauex.tau.ac.ilPhone: 03-6406187Website:https://benayahulab.wixsite.co…Office: School of Medicine, 310 Read More >

Leading Researchers:

The Neuropsychiatry & Neuromodulation Lab

Research Teams:Neuropsychiatry & NeuromodulationResearch Goal- To portray and probe human mental processing related to subjective emotional experience, by identifying their underlying brain activity, connectivity and complex dynamics. This over-arching goal is pursued through research in four themes: Advanced Brain Imaging:Research Goal- To characterize the brain tissue and the cerebral-vascular system using multi-parametric advanced MR methods, […] Read More >

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