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Antibody-Based Biosensor Diagnostic tool for Pathogenic Bacteria Detection

UNMET NEED• Antibiotic resistance crisis is driven by extensive and inappropriate usage of antibiotics and is predicted to result in an annual death toll of 10 million people by 2050. The ability to provide a rapid and accurate surveillance... Read More >

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Label-Free 3D Quantitative Imaging of Live Cells

A method for a real-time visualization and automatic processing for detection and classification of untouched and unstained cells during stain-free imaging flow cytometry and digital pathology using digital holographic microscopy and machine... Read More >

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Disorders of the brain like schizophrenia, epilepsy, depression, dementia and other mental and neurological disorders constitute about 27% of the global disease burden. For most brain disorders no diagnostic tests nor biomarkers are available and... Read More >

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Rapid Detection of Drug Resistance in Patients Suffering from Invasive Fungal Infections

Global epidemics of fungal infections caused by drug resistant pathogens has beenrising sharply in recent decades including the most recently discovered Candida auris(an extensive multi-drug resistant fungal pathogen). The Echioncandin class... Read More >

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New Chemiluminescent Protease Probe for Rapid, Sensitive, and Inexpensive Detection of Live Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is a top-ten cause of death worldwide. Successful treatment is often limited by insufficient diagnostic capabilities, especially at the point of care in low-resource settings. The ideal diagnostic must be fast, be cheap, and... Read More >

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Molecular Harvesting with Electroporation for Tissue Profiling

Detecting tumors in unknown locations and Creating molecular maps of therapeutically relevant targets in heterogeneous tumors by molecular harvesting with electroporation. Our vision is to assist physicians to diagnose cancer more precise and help... Read More >

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Tympacifier Detection of acute otits media (Ear infection)

Acute Otitis Media (AOM) is the most common bacterial infectious disease in childrenworldwide with a approximately 709 million cases per year. AOM is currently diagnosed byotoscopy which suffers from low specificity with approximately 40% of... Read More >

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A Cost-Effective On-Site Cell-Free Biomolecules Manufacturing

A silicone chip enables cost-effective production and purification of biomolecules (proteins, Abs etc.). The technology is especially useful for the on-site production of simple and complex biomolecules, thus surpassing the need of cold chain of... Read More >

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A novel method to remotely detect plant sound emission, as a response to induced stress

A novel system developed to remotely detect plant sound emission, as a response to stress. The system consists of hardware and software components: microphones that remotely pick up the plant's sounds in the ultrasonic range of 20 to 100... Read More >

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Gene expression for improved crop productivity

Enhancing crop productivity by optimizing gene expression in plants, using proprietary and proven computational tools, together with genome base editing capabilities. Tapping into gene expression for improved crop UNMET NEEDCrop... Read More >