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Computational platform for enhancing Gene Expression for increased protein yield and viral titer

TechnologyDeciphering Gene Expression Code - We perform large-scale analyses of genomic data to discern the rules behind the various aspects of gene expression encoded in the transcript. Computational Modeling of Gene Expression - We develop... Read More >

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A Cost-Effective On-Site Cell-Free Biomolecules Manufacturing

ABSTRACT On-site biomolecules production is a need for many applications such as drug screening, personalized therapeutics, remote clinics, and more. CONTRALL is a silicone chip that enables cost-effective production and purification of... Read More >

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New Chemiluminescent Protease Probe for Rapid, Sensitive, and Inexpensive Detection of Live Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is a top-ten cause of death worldwide. Successful treatment is often limited by insufficient diagnostic capabilities, especially at the point of care in low-resource settings. The ideal diagnostic must be fast, be cheap, and... Read More >

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3D Bioprinting of Tumor Models for Personalized Drug Screening and Disease Modeling

This technology aims to provide a three-dimensional (3D) bioprinted tumor model based on natural and synthetic polymers containing several types of cells, which resembles cancer tissue. Our 3D-bioprinted tumor model has potential to predict the... Read More >



Most marine fish hatch from mm-size eggs irrespective of adult size, and suffer prodigious mortality (rates of 70-90% of the brood) in the first weeks of their lives. This mortality makes the rearing of larval (very young) fish costly, and an... Read More >

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Antibody-Based Biosensor Diagnostic tool for Pathogenic Bacteria Detection

UNMET NEED• Antibiotic resistance crisis is driven by extensive and inappropriate usage of antibiotics and is predicted to result in an annual death toll of 10 million people by 2050. The ability to provide a rapid and accurate surveillance... Read More >

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Support Medium For 3d Printing Of Biomaterials

Building materials for 3D bioprinting generally possess weak mechanical properties and thus must be supported during fabrication in order to prevent the collapse of the printouts. Here we present a uniquely formulated media used to support... Read More >

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Plant Based Functional Biosensor for Precision Agriculture

The majority of biosensors used in agricultural practice today are based on indirect sensing of environmental conditions and inference of plant parameters from measured environmental parameters. We applied a new approach, leading to a viable... Read More >

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Gene expression for improved crop productivity

Enhancing crop productivity by optimizing gene expression in plants, using proprietary and proven computational tools, together with genome base editing capabilities. Tapping into gene expression for improved crop UNMET NEEDCrop... Read More >