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Prof. Benayahu Dafna

Nanomedicine is medical treatment at the level of single molecules or molecular assemblies that provide structure, control, signaling, homeostasis, and motility in cells, i.e., at the “nano” scale of about 100 mm or less. There have been many scientific and technological advances in both physical and biological sciences over the past several years that make nano medicine […] Read More >

Prof. BENAYAHU Yehuda

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Prof. BINDERMAN Itzhak

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Prof. Gabet Yankel

Genetics: Our laboratory focuses on the genetic and hormonal regulation of bone remodeling, microarchitecture and strength. These traits have a high degree of heritability, and one aspect of our research is to characterize new genetic determinants of bone remodeling as well as elucidate the mechanism of action of selected genes. Our GWAS confirmed the role of […] Read More >

Prof. Kashman Yoel

Research Isolation of bio active natural compounds,  mainly , anti bacterial , anti viral  and/or cytotoxic  compounds from plants and mainly marine organisms ( soft corals, sponges and tunicates ). The compounds belong to the various bio-synthetic groups , namely , terpenoids , polyketides and nitrogen containing compounds ( alkaloids ? ) . The structure […] Read More >

Prof. Savion Naphtali

Novel Antioxidant for Treatment of Age-related Degenerative Diseases We are studying the potential of S-allylmercapto-N-acetylcysteine (ASSNAC) a newly developed derivative of allicin (the active component in garlic) to serve as a treatment for oxidative stress associated degenerative diseases. The research involves cell biology tools and animal models. The following specific subjects are studied: Demonstrating the […] Read More >

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analysis of mineralized tissues using microCT

The general purpose of my research is to describe the genetic and endocrine regulation of bone metabolism. To this end, we developed expertise in most aspects of bone research, from in vivo models, imaging of bone microarchitecture, in vitro cell cultures and molecular biology. Main Research Topics Regulation of bone metabolism by sex steroids Role […] Read More >

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Cellular Functional Testing and Acquisition

Industrial Research Services:   1. Bone cells in culture – We offer a bone marrow derived bone-like tissue in culture for testing the effect of various factors, hormones, drugs etc. on bone cells proliferation, differentiation and mineralization.  The model is described in the following papers:a. S. Pitaru, S. Kotev-Emeth, D. Noff, S. Kaffuler, N. Savion; Effect of […] Read More >

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