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Big Data Analytics

Data Mining and Machine Learning; User-Oriented Security: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach The proposed research is an interdisciplinary project, aiming to develop an adaptive cyber-security system that is personally-adjusted to characteristics of a human user. The project is based on the rapidly developing literature on “usable security” which emerged from the realization that system security often depends […] Read More >

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A method of determining clusters of data within a dataset, the dataset is represented by a plurality of multidimensional data entries, the method comprises (a) spanning a space, represented by a plurality of points; (b) determining a density function over the space;(c) associating a potential to the density function; (d) locating a plurality of local […] Read More >

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Compilation Integrity Assurance through Deep Code Alignment

TECHNOLOGY & POTENTIAL APPLICATIONWe propose a completely novel approach for detecting hardware Trojans. We obtain, from the foundry or by other means the binaries. These binaries are expected to largely match the programming code provided by the hardware designer with some unavoidable additions inserted in order to support debugging, QA, and to comply with manufacturing […] Read More >

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Efficient information coding in living organisms

It is clear that DNA can be used as a storage medium, each nucleotide carrying two information bits, which can store vast amounts of data for very long periods of time and with high reliability; as overtime, humans remain human just as cats remain cats. However, it is also clear that it is a very […] Read More >

Prof. Amir Roey Jacob

Design and synthesis of advanced polymeric hybrids and their assembly into functional nanostructures for applications ranging from nanomedicine to materials science Research Design, synthesis and characterization of smart polymers Design, synthesis and characterization of dendrimers and polymeric hybrids Stimuli responsive self-assembly and disassembly Utilization of smart polymers as selective drug delivery systems Read More >

Prof. Ben-Gal Irad

Research Interests: Data Mining, Machine Learning and Analytics Applications of Information Theory to industrial and service systems Search Problems Statistical methods for control and analysis of stochastic processes Testing algorithms of products and processes Design of Experiment – theoretical and practical aspects Contact: Email: Phone: 03-6406910 Fax: 03-6407669 Website:… Office: Wolfson – Engineering, 423 Read More >

Prof. Bukchin Yossi

Research Interests: Assembly systems design Assembly line balancing Facility design Operational scheduling; Human factors engineering Read More >

Prof. Deutch Daniel

Research Interests My reasearch focuses on Data Management. The high-level goals of my research are to understand, organize and analyze Data. My methodology of doing so is typically based, in part, on foundations in classic data managemant (databases), logic and probability and process analysis. Short Bio Daniel Deutch is a Associate Professor in the Computer […] Read More >

Prof. Dvir Tal

Microfluidics-based tissue engineering. Recreating stem cell niches, microfluidics bioreactors for tissue engineering. Nanotechnological strategies for engineering thick cardiac tissue. Engineering a 3D neuronal network for spinal cord and brain regeneration. Fabrication of Nanoelectronics/engineered tissue hybrids. Developing smart delivery systems that recruit stem cells to defected organs. Email: Phone: 03-6406514 Another phone: 03-6408604 Website:… Office: […] Read More >

Prof. Horn David, Emeritus

Research Data mining: employing QC and DQC to investigate structures of highly complex and noisy data has proved to be very successful. Recently we have tested it on earthquake data, x-ray absorption data of micrometer structures of matter, particle physics data and more. Bioinformatics: characterization of enzymes through specific peptide motifs; functional and evolutional importance […] Read More >

Prof. Iraqi Fuad A.

Read More >

Prof. Meilijson Isaac

Research Interests : Probability theory, theory of Statistics, stochastic aspects of Operations Research. Reliability theory. Risk and Utility models in Economics. Neural modeling. Read More >

Prof. Milo Tova

Fields of Interests Databases and Big Data Web data management Crowd-based data sourcing Data integration XML and semi-structured data Web services and Web applications Business Processes Database languages and data models Research Current Projects DB Group Conference Chairing and Academic Degrees Recipient of the ACM PODS Alberto O. Mendelzon Test-of-Time Award 2010 Interview ACM SIGMOD Distinguished Database […] Read More >

Prof. Ruppin Eytan

Research in Eytan Ruppin‘s lab is focused on the computational study of biological networks within the general framework of Systems Biology. This is done primarily in four research topics: 1. The study of metabolism and metabolic networks: Our current focus is on developing genomic-scale metabolic models of human tissues and studying their role in understanding an […] Read More >

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Modern Computer Integrated Manufacturing

  The Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Laboratory serves as a main teaching and research Lab for the Department of Industrial Engineering in the Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University.   The Lab offers introductory and advanced laboratories in Modern Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Practical laboratories & projects cover the following concepts […] Read More >

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