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Turbulence and Experimental Fluid Dynamics in Gases and Liquids

Technology and servicesOur field is experimental fluid dynamics in gases and liquids. Our systems are:1. Electro-optical techniques (visual and infrared), high speed imaging, image processing and object tracking algorithms and data... Read More >

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Advanced Materials

The Biomaterials and Corrosion LaboratoryIby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University, Israel In line with the demands of modern society, the multidisciplinary Biomaterials and Corrosion Laboratory is... Read More >

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Energy Conversion and Transmission

Energy Conversion and Transmission Focus on: - Power Electronics: high efficiency conversion, dc/dc converters, dc/ac converters, control and dynamics of power systems, high power pulse generators, passive and active filters,... Read More >

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RF lab

Lab DescriptionThe antenna laboratory provides capabilities of far field and near field antenna pattern and scattering tests. Automatic and manual measurements in the frequency range of 0.1GHz – 20GHz and up could be routinely performed... Read More >