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Prof. GERBER Alexander

1.  Nanoscale magnetic systems. a) Spin-dependent electronic transport in ultra-thin magnetic films and granular ferromagnet – normal metal and ferromagnet – insulator mixtures. b) Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR). c) Extraordinary Hall effect in ultra-thin films and heterogeneous mixtures. d) Magnetic properties of single nanoscale magnetic clusters and their arrays. c) Development of […] Read More >

Prof. Pitaru Sandu

Prof. Pitaru is an expert in bone, connective tissue and periodontal research, and one of the two inventors of ColBar LifeScience Ltd.’s technology. Read More >

Prof. Zilberman Meital

Active implants can provide life-giving help to many systems in the body. When made of a biodegradable polymer, the degradation of such implants occurs by hydrolytic cleavage and the end products (carbon dioxide and water) are non-toxic. These implants can remain intact in the body for a predicted period of time – from weeks to […] Read More >

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