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CT Image Single Display and Contrast Enhancement

The Invention An improved algorithm for handling CT scan information which enables the display of all relevant anatomical features in a single image.   Potential Applications CT scans are a basic tool of most medical centers and are in constant use.  An improved algorithm for simultaneous viewing of all relevant anatomical features would not only save […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

An MRI technique for imaging of pathologies of collagen, myelin and amyloid plaques

The TechnologyCharacterization of pathologies related to macromolecules (MM) can now be carried out in a more comprehensive manner using these new MRI sequences. For example: Collagen in connective tissue and myelin in the nerves of brain and spinal cord are imaged with intensity proportional to the amount of MM. These pulsing sequences emphasize white matter […] Read More >


3D Flexible Electrode for Electrochemical Cell Diagnostics

TechnologyA compact 3D electrochemical sensor constructed on a pliant substrate for in-vitro and in-vivo measurements of cells and tissues. The device includes a specially designed sensing layer containing reference and measurement electrodes that are connected to contact pads on the back side of the device by uniquely designed via interconnects. The sensor is enclosed in […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

3D Bioprinting of Tumor Models for Personalized Drug Screening and Disease Modeling

This technology aims to provide a three-dimensional (3D) bioprinted tumor model based on natural and synthetic polymers containing several types of cells, which resembles cancer tissue. Our 3D-bioprinted tumor model has potential to predict the clinical outcome of a treatment compared to the other existing solutions, which either rely solely on genetic profiling or do […] Read More >

Prof. Arad (Abboud) Shimon

Research Interests: Signal processing of ECG waveforms. Fetal ECG monitoring. Solving the volume conductor problem in biological tissue. Modeling the electrical heart and brain activities. Lung function tests (Spirometry). Telemedicine. Electrical Impedance Tomography (Congestive Heart Failure, Osteoporosis). Bio-Impedance (brain activity). Read More >

Dr. Eliav Uzi

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Prof. Eyal Avishay

Research Interests: Photonic signal processing Propagation of light in optical fibers Polarimetric measurements Read More >

Prof. GANNOT Israel

Research Interests: Optical biopsy -optical diagnostic methods in medicine Laser tissue interaction Fibers and waveguides for medical applications Lasers and optics in medicine Read More >

Prof. Navon Gil

Chemical and Biomedical Applications of NMR and MRI NMR and MRI methods for the study of connective tissues (cartilage, tendon and intervertebral disc). Spectroscopic MRI of nerves. Combination of MRI and focused ultrasound. New MRI contrast mechanisms with application for following thermal destruction of tumors. Cross correlation effects between paramagnetic and quadrupolar interactions. Chemical exchange […] Read More >

Prof. Patolsky Fernando

Research Novel Nano materials synthesis (Nanowires) in advanced methods in solid/liquid/gas states and Chemo Physical characterization Synthesis of “Intelligent” Nano materials with optical, electrical and magnetic controlled properties Development and construction of electronic Nano devices for sensing of Chemical and Biological spices Development of Nano Pillars for monitoring of In-cell parameters Development of Nano devices […] Read More >

Prof. Satchi-Fainaro Ronit

Our research interests include investigations related to tumor biology, tumor dormancy, mechanism of action of angiogenesis inhibitors, self-assembly of polymeric architectures and novel approaches to target cancer. Throughout, we have maintained an interest in understanding the biological rationale for the design of polymer therapeutics suitable for transfer into clinical testing. Our primary interests are the molecular […] Read More >

Dr. Schreiber David

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Prof. Shacham- Diamand Yosi

Research Interest Nano-chemical processes for Microelectronics and integration of biological material on chip for acute toxicity detection Nano-chemistry for electronics applications- Physical and electrical characterization of electronic devices for CMOS technologies made by various chemical techniques such as self assembled monolayers and surface catalyzed auto catalytic electrochemical processes.   The research involves studying of the […] Read More >

Prof. Shomron Noam

Noam has received his Bachelors degree in Biotechnology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia; his Masters degree in Gene Therapy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and his graduate studies in Genetics at Tel Aviv University where he worked on regulatory RNA systems. As a Post-Doctorate affiliate at MIT in Cambridge, USA, Noam gained expertise […] Read More >

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