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Dr. Spitzer Hedva

Research Interests: Visual mechanisms-computational and psychophysical aspects: adaptation, contrast enhancement, lateral facilitation, illusory contours and shapes, border ownership, chromatic aberrations, shape from motion;Applications:... Read More >

Prof. Shacham- Diamand Yosi

Research Interest Nano-chemical processes for Microelectronics and integration of biological material on chip for acute toxicity detectionNano-chemistry for electronics applications- Physical and electrical characterization of electronic devices... Read More >

Prof. GANNOT Israel

Research Interests: Optical biopsy -optical diagnostic methods in medicine Laser tissue interaction Fibers and waveguides for medical applications Lasers and optics in medicine Read More >

Prof. Navon Gil

Chemical and Biomedical Applications of NMR and MRI NMR and MRI methods for the study of connective tissues(cartilage, tendon and intervertebral disc). Spectroscopic MRI of nerves. Combination of MRI and focused ultrasound. New MRI... Read More >

Dr. Eliav Uzi

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Prof. Weil Miguel Enrique

Research topic: Cell based platforms for study, diagnosis, drug screening and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases. Research methods: Isolation and culture of human embryonic/adult stem cells models of diseases; Cell based-assays for... Read More >


Our research interests include investigations related to tumor biology, tumor dormancy, mechanism of action of angiogenesis inhibitors, self-assembly of polymeric architectures and novel approaches to target cancer. Throughout, we have... Read More >

Prof. SHABAT Doron

Research Self-immolative dendrimers are unique structural molecules that can release all of their tail units, through a domino-like chain fragmentation, which is initiated by a single cleavage at the dendrimer's core. Incorporation of drug... Read More >

Prof. PATOLSKY Fernando

Research Novel Nano materials synthesis (Nanowires) in advanced methods in solid/liquid/gas states and Chemo Physical characterizationSynthesis of “Intelligent” Nano materials with optical, electrical and magnetic controlled... Read More >

Prof. SOCHEN Nir Asher

RADAR and Image Processing and Analysis and in Computational Vision for medical app. Target detection

Research interests: I'm interested in the applications of Differential Geometry ideas and techniques in Image Processing and Analysis and in Computational Vision.My former research studies were devoted to Conformal Field Theories and Integrable... Read More >