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High Speed Photonic Digital-To-Analog Conversion

The Technology A novel integrated optical modulator based on a multi-electrode Mach-Zehnder modulator has been developed at Tel-Aviv University. The device has superior performance in terms of linearity, dynamic range and implementation... Read More >

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All-optical Imaging System with Extended Depth of Field

The Invention The All-optical imaging system allows for real time, on line imaging without having to adjust or align the system. The system’s modified lens provides a high depth of field, namely, an extended region within which the image is... Read More >

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Magnetic Devices based on Extraordinary Hall Effect

The Invention Magnetic based sensors and memory elements based on the Extraordinary Hall Effect (EHE). Non-volatile memories can be constructed by utilizing anisotropic thin films resulting in stable hysteresis which can represent binary... Read More >

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Electrically modifiable lenses based on Stark effect

Additional information can be provided upon request.  Read More >

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Compressive Sensing in Radar Detection

Technology The signal processing in a pulse-Doppler radar is typically based on pulse compression filter and discrete Fourier transform (DFT). Detection, measurement accuracy and good resolution require the transmission of train of pulses, where... Read More >

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Silicon transistors with virtual buried nanochannels for ultrasensitive gas detection

Technology A new device where the active nanowire is not hard coded into the silicon but electrostatically engineered post fabrication. Schematically, the buried nanowire (BN) is a field effect device composed of a silicon region... Read More >

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Capacitive matrix for continuous voltage output

Abstract A direct current (DC) to DC converter, including: input ports for receiving an input DC voltage; output ports for outputting an output DC voltage; a first matrix of capacitors and switches; a second matrix of capacitors and... Read More >

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An Add-On Optical Interferometer Chamber to Phase Microscopes for Sub-Nanometer 3D and Dynamic Information

TechnologyAn add-on optical module for microscopes allowing for single frame and dynamic capture of amplitude and phase profiles of transparent or semi-transparent biological and non-biological samples. This easyto-use interferometric device is... Read More >

Super Organic Tunable and White-Light Emitting Diode (OLED) by a Natural Chromophore Separation Matrix

The TechnologyA bio-organic framework of mucin, controlling electronic interactions between two or more energetically interacting materials, is presented. The hydrophilic mucins act as a host material for introduced nano-sized hydrophobic... Read More >

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TechnologyMy research activity in the area of design and modeling of micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) combines both theoretical and applied aspects and falls in several directions. The overall scope of the research is in the... Read More >