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We present a method for the generation of THz pulses with tailored temporal shape from nonlinear metasurfaces. The method is based on single-cycle THz emission by the metasurface inclusions. We show that the spatial amplitude and phase structure of the nonlinear response is mapped to the temporal shape of pulses emitted at certain angles. We […] Read More >

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Broad-Bandwidth, Long-Haul, Underwater Fiber-Optic Sensing System

An optical fiber can be described as a glass pipeline which can guide light over great distances with very little loss. In addition to being the central communication channel of the information era, it has another very interesting application. This application is called distributed sensing. By launching into the fiber specially designed pulse sequences of […] Read More >

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An On-Chip Sub-THz Scalable Beam Steering Antenna Array

We present a novel way of distributing signal to an antenna array without the use of power dividers. In our proposed method, we use the leaked fundamental from a non-linear harmonic generator circuit as an input to drive the next element in the chain. As a proof of concept, we show this distribution method at […] Read More >

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Shape Sensing of Multimode Optical Fibers

Fiber optic shape sensing (FOSS) is an emerging technology which uses optical fibers for real-time 3-dimensional (3D) sensing of the shape of objects in space. It has many advantages with respect to competing technologies. These include ease of installation, flexibility and compactness, immunity to electromagnetic interference, low weight, compatibility with harsh environments, compatibility with in-vivo […] Read More >

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Visual Data Transfer Between the End and Side of a Multimode Fiber

It is well known that light propagation in optical fibers is accompanied by random omnidirectional scattering. This type of scattering is called ‘Rayleigh scattering’ and is due to small inhomogeneities in the fiber core. The small fraction of coherent guided light that escapes outside the cladding of the fiber forms a speckle pattern. While works […] Read More >

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LWIR / FIR / THz Detectors and Sources For High Sensitivity Remote Sensing

The discoveries of novel materials and physical phenomena continuously drive technological advancements and their applications. So is the case for Terahertz (THz) optoelectronics, operating roughly in the frequency range of f≈0.5-35THz. In this spectral range radiation penetrates through opaque materials without the risk of ionization, making THz radiation highly attractive for technological applications, such as […] Read More >

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A Lensless Polarization Camera

Polarization imaging is a technique that creates a pixel-map of the polarization state in a scene. Although invisible to the human eye (and for most conventional cameras), polarization can assist various sensing and computer vision tasks. Existing polarization cameras acquire the additional modality using either spatial or temporal multiplexing, which increases the camera volume, weight, […] Read More >

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Cost-Effective Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Optical fibers are widely known in their ability to transfer huge amounts of data efficiently and cost-effectively. As the backbone of our communications networks, optical fibers are everywhere: underground or aerial in our streets, underwater in the oceans, along highways, railways, pipelines, power lines and fences, in campuses and in data centers. Optical fibers are […] Read More >

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Incidental Detection of Colon Cancer Using AI Analysis of Abdominal CT Scans

Detecting colon cancer in general abdominal CT scans, i.e. without bowel emptying performed before colonoscopy, is extremely challenging. With nowadays technology, it is not possible to automatically detect cancer in the large intestine without prior preparation of the intestine as required in colonoscopy. A study has revealed that more than 20% of malignant findings in […] Read More >

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Hardware Accelerators for Data Structures

We developed the first parallel architecture for a dynamic data-structure for approximate membership (i.e., a Bloom filter that also supports deletions).  UNMET NEEDThe filter architecture supports multiple operations per cycle while preserving sequential order with a fixed and stable throughput that does not depend on the type of operations, the workload, or how populated the […] Read More >

Prof. Amir Roey Jacob

Design and synthesis of advanced polymeric hybrids and their assembly into functional nanostructures for applications ranging from nanomedicine to materials science Research Design, synthesis and characterization of smart polymers Design, synthesis and characterization of dendrimers and polymeric hybrids Stimuli responsive self-assembly and disassembly Utilization of smart polymers as selective drug delivery systems Read More >

Prof. Amrani Ofer

Microwave and digital communications, specializing in the various aspects of equalization, coding, modulation, and combinations thereof Email: ofera@tauex.tau.ac.il Phone: 03-6407766 Fax: 03-6407095 Office: Computer and Software Engineering, 307   Read More >

Prof. Applebaum Benny

An associate Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering at Tel-Aviv University. I’m mainly interested in the foundations of cryptography, as well as the practical aspects of computer security. I also have a broad interest in computational complexity and coding theory. Read More >

Prof. Arie Ady

Research Interests: Nonlinear Optics, Quasi Phase Matching Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Nonlinear Photonic Crystals All optical processing Frequency stabilization of lasers, high resolution spectroscopy Email: ady@eng.tau.ac.il Phone: 03-6406627 Fax: 03-6423508 Website: https://www.adyarie.sites.tau…. Office: Electrical Engineering, 240   Read More >

Prof. Ast Gil

Professor, Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University Research Alternative Splicing Generates Transcriptomic Diversity in Genetic Disorders & Cancer By utilizing the unique strengths of our research group in bioinformatic analyses as well as in genomic and advanced molecular biology methodologies, we are able to make groundbreaking discoveries in […] Read More >

Prof. Avidan Shmuel (Shai)

Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Computer Graphics Read More >

Prof. Bahabad Alon

High-harmonic-generation from coherently controlled excited medium, Superoscillations in optics , Applications of Genetic and behavioral algorithms , Coupled mode dynamics. Email: alonb@tauex.tau.ac.il Phone: 03-6409423 Fax: 03-6423508 Website: https://sites.google.com/view/… Office: Electrical Engineering, 227 Read More >

Prof. Ben-Gal Irad

Research Interests: Data Mining, Machine Learning and Analytics Applications of Information Theory to industrial and service systems Search Problems Statistical methods for control and analysis of stochastic processes Testing algorithms of products and processes Design of Experiment – theoretical and practical aspects Contact: Email: bengal@tauex.tau.ac.il Phone: 03-6406910 Fax: 03-6407669 Website: https://www.eng.tau.ac.il/~beng… Office: Wolfson – Engineering, 423 Read More >

Prof. Boag Amir

Research Interests: * Computational electromagnetics and acoustics * Fast multilevel algorithms * Antenna and nano-antenna design * Imaging techniques including Synthetic Aperture Radar * Electrostatic-Kelvin Force Microscopy * Beam representations of electromagnetic and acoustic field Read More >

Prof. Bobrovsky Ben Zion

Read More >

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Optics and Photonics Lab

In the Optics and Photonics Lab we develop and study advanced photonic methods involving optical fibers. In recent years we have been focusing primarily on large scale distributed fiber optic sensing systems Fields of Interest:An optical fiber can be described as a glass pipeline which can guide light over great distances with very little loss. […] Read More >

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Light-2D Matter Interaction group

We are an experimental research group devoted to the exploration of the interaction between light and two-dimensional (2D) materials. These 2D materials are atomically thin individual layers of various classification, such as dielectric, semiconducting, metallic, magnetic, etc’. Their layered structure stems from strong, covalent forces between the atoms within the layer itself, and weak, van […] Read More >

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The Laboratory of the Quantum Electronic Transport in the Nano Systems

Our laboratory was established in the 1992 by Prof. Alik Palevski, upon his joining of the School of Physics as a new faculty. The scientific research deals with a wide variety of the physical phenomena at low temperatures. Currently the research is focused on superconductivity, magnetic order and strong spin-orbit interaction related phenomena in hetero-structures, […] Read More >

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Nanoscale electrical characterization of nanostrctures and devices

Lab Description Nanoscale electrical characterization of nanostrctures and devices, Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM), Nanowires and nanowire transistors, Solar Cells, Organic semiconductor devices and materials, Biological Field effect Transistors.           Available Research Services We offer services for AFM and KPFM measurements- Semiconductor and organic nano-structures characterization using ambient and ultra high vacuum (UHV) AFM and Kelvin […] Read More >

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The lab for active sensing and sensory perception

Lab DescriptionOur lab focuses on animal Bio-sonar and other sensory systems. We are interested in how the animal’s sensory system is adapted to the environment, how does the brain encode this information and how can these adaptations be applied. We are experts in bio-acoustics. Main Research TopicsBat bio-sonar, bio acoustics, animal communication, animal cognition, the […] Read More >

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Energy Conversion and Transmission

Energy Conversion and Transmission   Focus on: – Power Electronics: high efficiency conversion, dc/dc converters, dc/ac converters, control and dynamics of power systems, high power pulse generators, passive and active filters, transducers, sensors; – – Photovoltaic Systems – Piezoelectric Sensors and Transmitters – complete systems can be developed on piezoelectric bases, such as energy transmission to human tissues […] Read More >

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Modern Computer Integrated Manufacturing

  The Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Laboratory serves as a main teaching and research Lab for the Department of Industrial Engineering in the Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University.   The Lab offers introductory and advanced laboratories in Modern Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Practical laboratories & projects cover the following concepts […] Read More >

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RF lab

Lab DescriptionThe antenna laboratory provides capabilities of far field and near field antenna pattern and scattering tests. Automatic and manual measurements in the frequency range of 0.1GHz – 20GHz and up could be routinely performed. Near-field scanners with calibrated field probes enable extracting all field components including the phase. Available equipment includes an Agilent Performance […] Read More >

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Turbulence and Experimental Fluid Dynamics in Gases and Liquids

Our field is experimental fluid dynamics in gases and liquids Our systems are:1. Electro-optical techniques (visual and infrared), high speed imaging, image processing and object tracking algorithms and data mining2. Tracking, velocity/forces and surface mapping  Potential services:1. Identification of contaminant sources (chemical) in air/water environment2. Flight and flows of birds and insects (odor navigation)3. Wakes […] Read More >

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Lasers and Optics in Medicine

Development of optical methodologies for non-invasive diagnosis, development of tools for minimally invasive surgery using fibers and waveguides, and development of smart medical devices.   Prof. Israel Gannot.   Lab web page: https://www.eng.tau.ac.il/~bmoptics/ Read More >

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