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Electrochemically Identifying and Measuring Genotoxins in Water

The Invention A field deployable device for near real-time identification and quantitiatve measurement of genotoxins in water. The device contains a low cost disposable probe head which quickly and accurately alerts if genotoxins are... Read More >

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Block polyester copolymers by ring opening polymerization employing new catalysts

Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) is a plastic material derived from annually-renewable resources, which decomposes post-consumption to non-toxic materials. PLA is produced by the catalyzed ring opening polymerization (ROP) of lactide. PLA is attracting... Read More >


Harvesting Solar Energy: Hydrogen production by a semi-artificial photo-system

The Technology An artificial ferredoxin-hydrogenase fusion enzyme (Fd-HydA) has been developed for the production of hydrogen gas in algae. The Fd-HydA fusion enzyme interferes with the formation of the naturally occurring ferredoxin-sugar... Read More >

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Miniature Air Vehicle Controlled and Propelled by Active Flow Control

The Invention Miniature Air Vehicles (MAV’s) with Active Flow Control (AFC) is an aviation invention in which the means for thrust generation, flight control and lift augmentation are created by the same fluidic actuators, located within the... Read More >

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Enhancement of Durability, Sensitivity and Selectivity of Environmental Sensors & BioSensors by Peptide Nanotubes

The Technology A Peptide NanoForest, is a dense array of self assembling organic nanotubes, capable of enhancing sensitivity and selectivity parameters of amperometric electrode high-performance sensors. The patented Diphenylalanine (FF)... Read More >

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Improving Power Output in Partial Shading of Photovoltaic Panels

The Invention A controllable circuit for maximizing and stabilizing output power in PV panels under conditions of partial shading. The low cost high reliability device allows maximum power to be extracted during uneven shading conditions... Read More >

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method developed for the extraction of Azithromycin from environmental samples

Hospital wastewaters (HWW) provide a significant point-source of pharmaceuticals into the environment, especially for substances that occur at much higher concentrations in HWW than in urban wastewater. Cytotoxic or cytostatic anti-cancer drugs,... Read More >

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A portable spectrometer’s accessory to measure reflectance of undisturbed soil in the field under all conditions

THE NEED and TECHNOLOGYField spectroscopy has become a growing field in recent years. What was historically the domain of aerial and spatial photography calibration, and geological enthusiasts, has been gaining much interest. Its applications span... Read More >

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Scalable Bio-Hydrogen Production; a Novel Green Energy Technology

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a promising clean energy carrier and a valuable commodity with over 60 million tons produced globally and used in many industrial technologies. The current industrial method of hydrogen production is consuming methane... Read More >

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Novel gas sensors with enhanced selectivity based on integrated magnetic and conductometric measurements

Reliable detection of hazardous gases has become a key issue due to the more stringent environmental and safety regulations worldwide. Solid-state conductometric gas sensors present a high potential for applications where the use of... Read More >