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Prof. Avisar Dror

Prof. Dror Avisar has established a unique and world-leading hydrochemistry research group and laboratory studying the chemical-physical and transport of various nano-micro contaminants within the aquatic environments. Additionally, the... Read More >

Prof. YOVEL Yosef

Research topic: Active sensing, sensory perception and cognition from the field through the lab and into the brain. I use the echolocating bat – a “champion” in active sensing to study these behaviors. Research methods: Behavior... Read More >

Prof. Lamed Raphael

My research interests include: Biomass to Biofuels: Our interest and research is in conversion of biomass to biofuels and also useful intermediate commodity chemicals.The ability of cellulolytic bacteria to degrade cellulose can... Read More >

Prof. Peled Emanuel

Electrochemistry of Lithium Batteries and Fuel CellsIntercalation process of lithium in carbon and graphite in liquid nonaquous solutions and polymer electrolytes.Preparation and characterization of high capacity carbons to be used as an anode in... Read More >

Prof. BEN-DOR Eyal

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Dr. Beck-Barkai Roy

Research Cytoskeleton protein complexes - Interaction between cytoskeleton protein complexes and their effect on the structure and elasticity of the cell. Intrinsically disordered protein - Statistical structural characterization... Read More >

Prof. Yekutieli Daniel

Current Research Interests   ·       RFICs at mm-wave frequencies and beyond ·       Short-range ultra-fast wireless links ·       RF interconnect in deep sub-micron CMOS ·       60GHz radio in... Read More >

Prof. ILAN Micha

The research in my laboratory is centered around two main areas: 1) on the taxonomic level – the phylum Porifera (sponges); and 2) on Symbiosis between marine organisms (usually with a sponge as one of the interacting organisms). Over the... Read More >

Prof. Kribus Abraham

Solar energy, energy conversion - photovoltaic, thermal, and thermionic, energy storage, renewable fuels, thermodynamics of power plants, radiation and convection heat transfer Read More >

Dr. Price Colin

Research The connection between global warming and future thunderstorm activity The propagation of electromagnetic waves (low frequency: ULF, ELF, VLF) in the atmosphere Severe weather including hurricances Sprites and other TLEs on Earth, and... Read More >