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Prof. GOLBERG Alexander

Our goal is to generative fundamental knowledge on biological systems organization and function, and to apply this knowledge to develop technologies that address critical challenges in energy generation and health. Our laboratory conducts... Read More >

Dr. Toledo Yaron

Water waves and their interactions with the sea bottom, currents and winds Remote sensing of waves and surface currentsGeophysical and environmental fluid dynamicsAnalytical methods for solving/simplifying differential equations Read More >


Research My major research activities are focused on synthesis, characterization of materials and study of ion-transport phenomena in new nanostructured electrodes and solid electrolytes for energy-storage devices. The... Read More >

Prof. Kol Moshe

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Research Interests: Detection and parameter estimation theory; non-Gaussian detection and parameter estimation using statistical signal and array processing for underwater acoustics, bio- medical engineering and communication... Read More >

Prof. Sarne Yosef

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