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Prof. Averbuch Amir

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Prof. GAZIT Ehud

The central dogma in the study of protein folding suggests that the thermodynamically-favorable state of proteins under physiological conditions is their folded one. However, there are number of cases in which the favorable states of proteins are... Read More >

Prof. Golodnitsky Diana

Research My major research activities are focused on synthesis, characterization of materials and study of ion-transport phenomena in new nanostructured electrodes and solid electrolytes for energy-storage devices. The... Read More >

Prof. Gozin Michael

Research My group’s research activity mainly focused on preparation and characterization of novel nitrogen-rich materials for fire-extinguishing and other applications, preparation of new materials for therapy and biomedical imaging and... Read More >

Prof. Yekutieli Daniel

Current Research Interests: · RFICs at mm-wave frequencies and beyond · Short-range ultra-fast wireless... Read More >

Prof. GERBER Alexander

Magnetic sensors, Non-volatile magnetic memory

1. Nanoscale magnetic systems. a) Spin-dependent electronic transport in ultra-thin magnetic films and granular ferromagnet – normal metal and ferromagnet – insulator mixtures. b) Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and tunneling... Read More >

Prof. Avisar Dror

Prof. Dror Avisar has established a unique and world-leading hydrochemistry research group and laboratory studying the chemical-physical and transport of various nano-micro contaminants within the aquatic environments. Additionally, the... Read More >

Prof. Nelson Nathan

Structure, function and molecular biology of photosystem I and other membrane complexes in higher plant chloroplasts. We solve the structure of plant PSI super-complex including its four light-harvesting complexes at 2.8 Å resolution. We intend... Read More >

Prof. KOL Moshe

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Prof. NEVO Uri

Cellular biophysics, MRI, diffusion weighted imaging, portable MRI systems, neuroscience, characterization of porous materials, immunology, self-non-self discrimination, autoimmunity, ecoimmunity.

We search for simple biophysical and mathematical laws that define the behavior of cells, and specifically of neurons. Our primary biophysical goal is to understand and measure the relation between cellular events and water displacement. We wish to... Read More >