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Subharmonic Wireless Locking of THz transmitter

A novel method for wireless sub-harmonic locking a radiating free-running VCO single source or phased-array at THz frequenciesNeed and AdvantagesAlthough many significant challenges remain, results suggest that CMOS THz ICs are inevitability. Still, the lack of efficient, high-power (watt-level) sources remains the most conspicuous impediment to further progress. Promising applications for terahertz technology include non-ionizing […] Read More >

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A Software Only Anti-Spoofing Defense System For In-Car CAN Bus Networks

Modern cars have multiple dedicated computers under the hood called “electronic control units” (ECUs). These ECUs control all aspects of the car’s operation and are connected to each other in a network that typically uses the CAN bus protocol, which bus is a simple serial protocol, with absolutely no security components. Replacing CAN bus with […] Read More >


Plug-and-play realization of the virtual infinite capacitor

In high power applications, especially where AC/DC or DC/AC conversion are involved, the high voltage DC bus suffers from voltage ripples. Low frequency current smoothing is required to minimize ripple voltage on the DC bus, which may affect other circuitry connected to the bus. Voltage smoothing is required in multiple applications, including photovoltaic and wind […] Read More >

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A Dedicated Hardware for Accelerating Whole Cell Simulations of mRNA Translation for Various Biotechnological Pharma Applications

Gene expression (is a fundamental process defining all type of life where information encoded in the genetic material is used for generating proteins. Gene expression is a multi-steps process mediated by millions of intracellular biological machines (e.g. RNA polymerases, transcription factors, ribosomes, tRNAs, miRNAs), with complex interactions among them. Recently, intracellular biophysical simulations of gene […] Read More >

Prof. Ast Gil

Professor, Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University Research Alternative Splicing Generates Transcriptomic Diversity in Genetic Disorders & Cancer By utilizing the unique strengths of our research group in bioinformatic analyses as well as in genomic and advanced molecular biology methodologies, we are able to make groundbreaking discoveries in […] Read More >

Prof. Dvir Tal

Microfluidics-based tissue engineering. Recreating stem cell niches, microfluidics bioreactors for tissue engineering. Nanotechnological strategies for engineering thick cardiac tissue. Engineering a 3D neuronal network for spinal cord and brain regeneration. Fabrication of Nanoelectronics/engineered tissue hybrids. Developing smart delivery systems that recruit stem cells to defected organs. Email: tdvir@tauex.tau.ac.il Phone: 03-6406514 Another phone: 03-6408604 Website: https://dvirlab.wixsite.com/dv… Office: […] Read More >

Prof. Iraqi Fuad A.

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Prof. Margaliot’s Michael

My main research topics include: 1. Stability analysis of switched systems under arbitrary switching. 2. The ribosome flow model. 3. Control-theoretic analysis of Boolean control networks. 4. Control of power converters. 5. Fuzzy modeling and control. 6. Knowledge extraction from artificial neural networks. Read More >

Prof. Weiss George

Research interests: Distributed parameter systems, passive and conservative systems, robust and optimal control, repetitive control, discretization of control systems, functional analysis, control of power converters, distributed power generation, power filtering, signals, sampling, periodic systems, prediction. George Weiss, together with Qing-Chang Zhong, has developed the concept of a synchronverter that will enable the grid integration of […] Read More >

Prof. Wool Avishai

Current Interests: Wireless Security ( RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi ), Network security, Firewalls, Side-Channel Cryptography, SCADA networks, Internet Topology Read More >

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