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A Low-Complexity Low-Latency Interactive Communication System with Spectral Efficiency Approaching the Shannon Limit

BackgroundDigital communication systems use forward error correction (FEC) in order to be spectrally efficient and approach the Shannon limit. The drawbacks of using FEC are high latency and high computational complexity. On the other extreme,... Read More >

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Eye Gaze Correction for Video Conference

The Invention An algorithm has been developed that can detect the eyes of a video photographed subject. The eyes can then be artificially placed so that they are looking at the camera irrespective of the actual direction the eyes may be... Read More >

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Online Training of Stereo Self-Calibration using Monocular Depth Estimation

Stereo imaging is the most common passive method for producing reliable depth maps. Calibration is a crucial step for every stereo-based system, and despite all the advancements in the field, most calibrations are still done by the same tedious... Read More >

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Technology An interactive technique for modeling 3D man-made objects by extracting them from a single photograph is presented. The technique combines the cognitive ability of humans with the computational accuracy of the machine. To extract an... Read More >

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Passive communications with time-varying metamaterials

The coming years will see a revolution by connecting everything to anyone, and RFID and similar technologies, will lead this 300B$ USD industry and 50B connected devices. Examining existing RFID standards suggests that the leading standard, called... Read More >

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A new equalizer for Intersymbol Interference (ISI) communication channels with single carrier transmission

The Technology A new equalizer for Intersymbol Interference (ISI) communication channels with single carrier transmission. This equalizer, termed "Integer-Forcing" equalizer, allows to simply and effectively combine decision feedback... Read More >

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Subharmonic Wireless Locking of THz transmitter

A novel method for wireless sub-harmonic locking a radiating free-running VCO single source or phased-array at THz frequenciesNeed and AdvantagesAlthough many significant challenges remain, results suggest that CMOS THz ICs are inevitability... Read More >

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Display of High Dynamic Range Images on Conventional Displays

The Invention Current image acquisition and processing allow construction of images with a very wide range of luminous levels. The invention is a method for intelligently manipulating the luminous levels into a displayed image where a... Read More >

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Image Processing - Non-Local Image Dehazing

Prof. Shai Avidan Tel Aviv University, School of Electrical EngineeringHaze limits visibility and reduces image contrast in outdoor images. The degradation is different for every pixel and depends on the distance of the scene point from the camera... Read More >

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Technology Our technology enables navigating over a collection of high dimensional entities (such as images, videos, text documents and more) in an interface similar to online map navigation interfaces. The map is ordered such that similar... Read More >