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Eye Gaze Correction for Video Conference

The Invention An algorithm has been developed that can detect the eyes of a video photographed subject. The eyes can then be artificially placed so that they are looking at the camera irrespective of the actual direction the eyes may be... Read More >

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Display of High Dynamic Range Images on Conventional Displays

The Invention Current image acquisition and processing allow construction of images with a very wide range of luminous levels. The invention is a method for intelligently manipulating the luminous levels into a displayed image where a... Read More >

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Smart Video Retargeting

The Invention With the recent advent of mobile video displays and their expected proliferation, there is an acute need to display videos on smaller displays than originally intended. There are two main issues recognized today; one is the need to... Read More >

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High Speed Photonic Digital-To-Analog Conversion

The Technology A novel integrated optical modulator based on a multi-electrode Mach-Zehnder modulator has been developed at Tel-Aviv University. The device has superior performance in terms of linearity, dynamic range and implementation... Read More >

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Compressive Sensing in Radar Detection

Technology The signal processing in a pulse-Doppler radar is typically based on pulse compression filter and discrete Fourier transform (DFT). Detection, measurement accuracy and good resolution require the transmission of train of pulses, where... Read More >

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Capacitive matrix for continuous voltage output

Abstract A direct current (DC) to DC converter, including: input ports for receiving an input DC voltage; output ports for outputting an output DC voltage; a first matrix of capacitors and switches; a second matrix of capacitors and... Read More >

localization using TOA from Multipath

The Technology Our expert team has succeeded to develop a unique algorithm for location estimation that attains optimal performance in multipath conditions. The novel estimator advantage is that it attains accuracy which is significantly better... Read More >

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A new equalizer for Intersymbol Interference (ISI) communication channels with single carrier transmission

The Technology A new equalizer for Intersymbol Interference (ISI) communication channels with single carrier transmission. This equalizer, termed "Integer-Forcing" equalizer, allows to simply and effectively combine decision feedback... Read More >

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TechnologyMy research activity in the area of design and modeling of micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) combines both theoretical and applied aspects and falls in several directions. The overall scope of the research is in the... Read More >

Big Data Analytics

Data Mining and Machine Learning; User-Oriented Security: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach The proposed research is an interdisciplinary project, aiming to develop an adaptive cyber-security system that is personally-adjusted to characteristics of... Read More >