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Eye Gaze Correction for Video Conference

The Invention An algorithm has been developed that can detect the eyes of a video photographed subject. The eyes can then be artificially placed so that they are looking at the camera irrespective of the actual direction the eyes may be directed. The Need Video conferencing is a popular method of communication, whether through IP […] Read More >

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Display of High Dynamic Range Images on Conventional Displays

The Invention Current image acquisition and processing allow construction of images with a very wide range of luminous levels.  The invention is a method for intelligently manipulating the luminous levels into a displayed image where a maximum amount of significant viewable detail can be simultaneously displayed. The algorithm is based on a visual model which […] Read More >

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Smart Video Retargeting

The Invention With the recent advent of mobile video displays and their expected proliferation, there is an acute need to display videos on smaller displays than originally intended. There are two main issues recognized today; one is the need to change the aspect ratio of the video (the ratio of the frame’s width and height) […] Read More >

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Compressive Sensing in Radar Detection

Technology The signal processing in a pulse-Doppler radar is typically based on pulse compression filter and discrete Fourier transform (DFT). Detection, measurement accuracy and good resolution require the transmission of train of pulses, where each pulse is frequency modulated. In some cases, for ambiguity resolution, a few trains of pulses are required. A reasonable assumption […] Read More >

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Technology An interactive technique for modeling 3D man-made objects by extracting them from a single photograph is presented. The technique combines the cognitive ability of humans with the computational accuracy of the machine. To extract an object from a given photo, the user draws its part’s profile and sweeps it using simple gestures, to progressively […] Read More >

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Technology Our technology enables navigating over a collection of high dimensional entities (such as images, videos, text documents and more) in an interface similar to online map navigation interfaces. The map is ordered such that similar entities are put next to each other, so the browsing experience is continuous. It is dynamic in the sense […] Read More >

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Multi Focus Imaging using Optical Phase Mask

Abstract A method for extended depth of field imaging based on image acquisition through a thin binary phase plate followed by fast automatic computational post-processing is presented. By placing a wavelength dependent optical mask inside the pupil of a conventional camera lens, one acquires a unique response for each of the three main color channels, […] Read More >

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Image Processing – Non-Local Image Dehazing

Prof. Shai Avidan Tel Aviv University, School of Electrical EngineeringHaze limits visibility and reduces image contrast in outdoor images. The degradation is different for every pixel and depends on the distance of the scene point from the camera. This dependency is expressed in the transmission coefficients, that control the scene attenuation and amount of haze […] Read More >

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Automatic Music Transcription in The Wild using Unaligned Supervision

We have developed a novel system that enables automatic transcription of real musical performances. The system detects in unmatched high accuracy which notes were played, at what time, and by which instrument. In other words, the system can parse the musical content from a recording with high precision in timing and instrumentation. The prediction of […] Read More >


Hyperspectral Imaging Method and System using a Flock of Small Satellites

Remote sensing by satellites is the most major tool in earth observation. In recent decades, governments and the private sector have invested billions in earth surveillance satellite missions. Environmental and agricultural surveillance requires multi-spectral visible, NIR, SWIR, and thermal imagery. Traditionally imagery satellites equipped with a bulky high-resolution camera resulted in heavy and expensive satellite […] Read More >

Prof. Amir Roey Jacob

Design and synthesis of advanced polymeric hybrids and their assembly into functional nanostructures for applications ranging from nanomedicine to materials science Research Design, synthesis and characterization of smart polymers Design, synthesis and characterization of dendrimers and polymeric hybrids Stimuli responsive self-assembly and disassembly Utilization of smart polymers as selective drug delivery systems Read More >

Prof. Avidan Shmuel (Shai)

Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Computer Graphics Read More >

Prof. Bronstein Alexander

Geometry: theoretical and computational methods in metric geometry, embedding problems, discrete Gromov-Hausdorff distances, spectral and diffusion geometry, geometric approaches to problems in image sciences. Computational shape analysis: non-rigid similarity and correspondence, partial similarity, symmetry and structure, feature based methods, large-scale shape retrieval, invariant texture mapping, shape synthesis and morphing. Computer vision: 3D acquisition and reconstruction, feature descriptors, image and video retrieval […] Read More >

Prof. Cohen-Or Daniel

My research interests are in Computer Graphics, Visual Computing and Geometric Modeling and including rendering and modeling techniques, Shape Analysis, Shape Creation and Editing, 3D Reconstruction, Photo Processing, compression and streaming techniques, visibility, point set representation, morphing and volume graphics. Read More >

Prof. Dvir Tal

Microfluidics-based tissue engineering. Recreating stem cell niches, microfluidics bioreactors for tissue engineering. Nanotechnological strategies for engineering thick cardiac tissue. Engineering a 3D neuronal network for spinal cord and brain regeneration. Fabrication of Nanoelectronics/engineered tissue hybrids. Developing smart delivery systems that recruit stem cells to defected organs. Email: Phone: 03-6406514 Another phone: 03-6408604 Website:… Office: […] Read More >

Prof. Giryes Raja

I am a faculty member  in the Department of EE – Systems at Tel Aviv University. I have done a Postdoc in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University, working with Prof. Guillermo Saprio. I have received my BSc, MSc and PhD from the Department of Computer Science at the Technion — […] Read More >

Prof. Iraqi Fuad A.

Read More >

Prof. Kiryati Nahum

Computer vision, image analysis, range imaging, 3-D shape analysis, global optimization. Email: Phone: 03-6407767 Fax: 03-6405027 Website: Office: Computer and Software Engineering, 306 Read More >

Prof. Mendlovic David

David Mendlovic is a Tel Aviv University full Professor of electro-optics. He has authored more than 200 technical articles, 3 book chapters, and is the holder of more than 40 patents all of them have been commercialized. Prof. Mendlovic is the 1998 winner of the ICO (International Commission of Optics) Award. During the past decade, […] Read More >

Prof. Reshef Moshe

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