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Scalable Bio-Hydrogen Production; a Novel Green Energy Technology

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a promising clean energy carrier and a valuable commodity with over 60 million tons produced globally and used in many industrial technologies. The current industrial method of hydrogen production is consuming methane (a high-value fuel) and polluting the environment. Bio-hydrogen production by photosynthetic microbes represents an alternate green energy strategy that […] Read More >

Prof. Yacoby Iftach

  Biotechnological Design of Algal Strains- We are transforming synthetic enzymes into different algal strains. We seek for stable efficient hydrogen producers to be employed for industrial hydrogen production. For achieving this goal, we are using state of the art equipment to grow and monitor the parameters of interest. Bioengineering of Synthetic Enzymes- To bioengineer synthetic enzymes, […] Read More >

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