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Prof. Gefen Amit

Experimental and computational analysis of the mechanical behavior of hard and soft biological tissues. Role of the mechanical stress distribution within tissues in development of diseases. Analysis of the kinematic and dynamic behavior of... Read More >

Prof. SEIFERT Avraham

Research Interests Flow Control (Passive, Active, Closed-loop, Actuators, Systems)Airfoil AerodynamicsUnsteady AerodynamicsLaminar - Turbulent TransitionEnergy EfficiencyVehicle AerodynamicsWind TurbinesCurrent Projects: Development of... Read More >

Prof. LIBERZON Alexander

Research interests The research interests are related to structure of turbulent flows in a variety of applications:Boundary layers, turbulence with polymers and surfactants, particle-laden flows, scalar (heat, temperature, concentration)... Read More >

Prof. Rosenfeld Moshe

Research Interests: In compressible viscous flows;Unsteady and periodic flows;Computational fluid dynamics;Bio-fluid flows;Numerical methods and algorithm development Read More >

Prof. Rosenwaks Yossi

Research Topics: Photovoltaic CellsThe research proposes to develop a novel photovoltaic cell converting sunlight to electricity at higher efficiency relative to existing cells, and with improved flexibility for integration in modules, both... Read More >

Prof. ELIAZ Noam

Research: Biomaterials (e.g. electrochemically-assisted deposition of calcium phosphates) and medical devices. Bio-Ferrography (e.g. for orthopaedic applications and cancer diagnostics). Environment-induced degradation of materials... Read More >

Prof. DVIR Tal

Microfluidics-based tissue engineering. Recreating stem cell niches, microfluidics bioreactors for tissue engineering. Nanotechnological strategies for engineering thick cardiac tissue. Engineering a 3D neuronal network for spinal cord and brain... Read More >

Prof. YOVEL Yosef

Research topic: Active sensing, sensory perception and cognition from the field through the lab and into the brain. I use the echolocating bat – a “champion” in active sensing to study these behaviors. Research methods: Behavior... Read More >

Prof. Elad David

Research Interests: Respiratory Biomechanics: Integrative assessment of respiratory muscles, Transport phenomena in the human nose, Objective noninvasive evaluation of nasal function, Mechano-transduction and mucus secretion in ALI cultured... Read More >

Prof. Yekutieli Daniel

Current Research Interests   ·       RFICs at mm-wave frequencies and beyond ·       Short-range ultra-fast wireless links ·       RF interconnect in deep sub-micron CMOS ·       60GHz radio in... Read More >